Wednesday, April 20, 2011

John Frieda hair dye foam

This is a picture of me from last summer, with some very heavily-highlighted blonde hair.
I wanted my hair long and blonde for my wedding, and mannnn it was! But all that skipping trims and color-treating did a number on my hair, so shortly after the honeymoon I chopped it to my shoulders, and shortly after that I dyed it back to my natural color (or what I assume my natural color is, lol). I like to wear my hair long, but I want it healthy, so for now, I am through with highlighting. I am also trying my best not to have to dye it too much, because any chemicals you put in your hair are going to harm it to some extent. The brown was fading, and you could really start to see my roots from where the blonde used to be. So...though I was trying to avoid it, I knew it was time to dye again.
Since my hair consists of so many different colors, when I dyed it last, I definitely had some streakage, which did NOT look good. So, I did my research this time and decided to spend the extra $4 for John Frieda hair color foam. (It costs about $12 for a box.) I am pretty happy with the results, but you can see for yourselves.

 The only had like four colors at my drugstore. I was thinking about trying a red-brown, but the only brown they had was this one. So I decided it was fate. Medium Natural Brown.
 This is my hair can see the two-tonedness here, or just browse any of my other recent pics on this blog, lol.
 I was already sold when I saw these cool black gloves the kit came with!
 And the awesome bottle!!
 My hair after!!!
Covered the obvious roots, but wasn't a totally flat ashy brown, which is good. Overall, I would recommend this product!!


Liz Belanger said...

Hey Leah! When your hair was blonde, were you going to a salon to get it done or doing it yourself? I've been wanting to try the blonde shades of John Frieda's hair dye foam but I've read mixed reviews. It looks like the brown worked really well on you..just wondering if you had any experience with the blonde shades :) By the way, you're doing an amazing job on your blog..keep it up!

Life as Leah said...

Hi Liz! When my hair was blonde I went to the salon and got it highlighted (it took about twice to get it that blonde, with some time in-between) I have used home highlighting kits before but never actually blonde dye or home-bleach. I'm sorry I can't be more help-it might be worth a try to check out and look up the product and see if anyone has reviewed it there, I usually find that helpful before I buy makeup or hair products : )

Rachel said...

You just gave me confidence to open that box and use it (after being scared to for a few weeks!) It looks great on you!

Life as Leah said...

that's great! It has been two months since i used it, and it has faded really naturally and nicely-I haven't had to color my hair again yet!

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

I had never dyed my hair out of a box and really needed it done but didn't want to spend $100. So after reading your review on this I went to Target and got a box of John Frieda 4n for $8 (target has $5 off coupons all the time.) And I absolutely love it and the fade isn't dramatic at all. I will definatly using this product again. Thanks for the review.