Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Short Story

I never used to wear shorts. Middle school, high school, college-years went by before I finally figured out that wearing shorts is THE reason God gave me this height. I'm 100% nonathletic so it wasn't for sports. It wasn't to help me out at home (the house I grew up in had SLANTED ceilings in my room and bathroom...seriously? I can't count how many times I thunked myself in the head) It definitely wasn't to make my dating life any easier. was to wear shorts, and that is all.
It's not that I was totally opposed to looking attractive as a teenager and college student. I just had the immature idea that sexy meant tight and low-cut. I used to have a pretty decent-sized chest...until after a year of breastfeeding. I mourn the loss of my boobs with every breath I take (I. went. down. two. cup. sizes.) but there is a silver lining. I learned to look elsewhere for sexy-and alas, I found my legs.
 T-shirt-Walmart (Men's Department-and yes, you should look)
Chain Purse-Macy's

 I love this outfit because it's casual or dressy enough for grocery time or date night.

All this jewelry was actually gifted to me by my sister (at different times). The baroque pearl bracelet was a graduation gift and it's probably tied with my gold watch as my favorite piece of jewelry. I also LOVE the antique red and clear glass cocktail ring, which she gave me probably 10 years ago. Thanks Meg!



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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Toddler Tuesday

G baby,

I just taught you to say, "Stop hatin' Dada", which I'm pretty happy about. Sometimes that naughty Dada tries to get you all riled up, and you have a nasty habit of yelling "SHUT UP" even if it completely doesn't make sense, which still gets you a time out. I feel like 'stop hatin' is a good replacement.
It really amazes me how intelligent you are, and I can only sit here and wish that I am around other kids your age to know if it's normal or not. Know your ABC's? Check. Count to 20? Check. I feel like it's not so hard to memorize the ABC song or a string of numbers and recite from start to finish, but we made sure you can actually recognize the letters and numbers if pointed out on their own as well. (And when I say 'we'...I mean mostly your Dad, the toddler-teaching genius.)
You're also not afraid to get in touch with your feminine side. I'm painting my nails, you want me to paint yours too. You love playing with my jewelry supplies. Trying on my shoes. You had some of my jeweled flats on the other day and when I urged you to pick another pair to play with (I love those shoes...I was afraid they might not survive your abuse) you said "No...these perfect." When you hang out with your grandma, you always show up with her mousse in your hair.
You like to balance all this out with lots of rough and tumble fighting complete with swords and anything you can pretend is a gun (you don't actually have any toy guns, but apparently that won't stop you). You also, like every man I know, take pride in your yard work. In fact, it's kind of scary to have you visit anyone's house because you have no problem letting them know if their yard isn't up to par-"Dis yard need lawnmowa-ing  bad. Right now."
Just for shits and giggles, here's some pictures of a naked crazy monkey, running around our yard.

Love,   Ma

Indian Summer's still hot here.
 Top-Ebayed (This is actually a really low-cut dress that I turned into a top. All I did was tuck the straps in, which you can do with any dress that has a sturdy elastic waistband.  I almost threw it away a zillion times but couldn't because...are you ready...this dress is what I was wearing the VERY FIRST time I ever met my husband on campus while we were in college)
Headband-(necklace) Claire's
Earrings-Burlington Coat Factory
Yellow bracelet-Wet Seal

                                                    Before I decided to rock my headband.


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Seeing Red

I got this amazing bandage dress for Christmas last year from my Ma (I kinda sent her a few hints) when I had gotten myself in really good shape and was feeling pretty confident with my body. I thought maybe I could wear it out to dinner with my husband sometime, but we kind of have a lack of anything but casual restaurants around here, so it went unworn for a long time. I just wouldn't feel right wearing such a sexy 'look at me' dress to our local mexican joint (where we always go for date night...we just can't resist bottomless chips and salsa and a pitcher of Dos Equis). So I started racking my brain for a way to make this dress less sexy and more casual. First, I ditched the idea of wearing stilettos and went for booties...with menswear socks! I toned down the v-neck by using a silk scarf tied in a cute bow to take away some more of the sex-factor. Because of the scarf, I kept the rest of my accessories really simple, wearing only an over-sized watch. What do you guys think?

Socks and watch-my husband's

Happy Monday!!!


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Polished Bohemian

 Here is my take on how to rock the bohemian style (which I love) without look all a'mess! Pull more 'out there' pieces like my colorful crocheted shawl with more structured pieces, like a great pair of skinny jeans. Let one piece be your focal point and don't go overboard with accessories (but please, accessorize!) I chose to wear some simple gold hoops and forgo a necklace. Instead of piling on bracelets, I went a little less flashy by forgoing bracelets all together and wearing some amazing rings (see last pic).
 Jeans-Banana Republic
Tank-Calypso St. Barth @ Target
Crochet Shawl-Target
Espadrilles-Colin Stuart by Victoria's Secret
Gold Hoop Earrings-Burlington Coat Factory
        I love this shawl, and I don't wear it nearly enough!
Large Turquoise Stone ring-The Limited
All other rings-gifted

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Daily Finds:

Nasty Gal-$78
This blazer is perfect, and looks like it costs wayyy more than it does.

I am completely in love with this color, and this top could be so versatile-and guess what? All of the four other colors it comes in are just as rich and inviting.

Tie Dye Wrap (Color Options)
The Fuss Boutique-$88
This one is self-explanatory.

Closet Cult-$45
A sophisticated sequin top.

Telltale Hearts Vintage-$65
EEK! I love this vintage dress!
Lady-like and classic.
Cut just right.



Outfit of the Day: I Feel Pretty

There's something about putting on a full skirt and a great pair of pumps that just makes you feel pretty. But there's just something about the mix of pairing a long sleeve (or short sleeve) tee or tied-at-the-waist button-down that makes an unbelievable and versatile outfit.

                     Top-Victoria's Secret
                     Shoes-J.Lo by Sears



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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to Thrifty Thursday, where I show you my best web finds under $50 for this week.


all three of these for $10.80 at Charlotte Russe

Pink Ice-$37.99

The unique and dangerously chic No Model Lady gets dibs for this cute little dress find, since she introduced me to the amazing shop Hallelu!

Image 1

Orange Dreamsicle Satchel Bag

Qupid Heigl 01 Green Velvet Peep Toe Pumps

Joseph's Legacy Striped Sweater Wrap


Happy Shopping!!