Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring must-have: Shorts for evening

Here is another one of my Spring Must-haves: a pair of shorts that you can wear for the evening-great for out on a date. I call these my tuxedo shorts, they are a cotton sateen and have pleated detail, and even this beautiful cobalt blue satin piping on the inside! Dressed-up shorts give you a break from wearing a dress but still keep you cool in the spring/summer. They're a great addition to your spring/summer wardrobe because unlike most dresses, they give you an affordable piece that you can wear endless ways. You can wear them a variety of ways, my favorite is with a dressy tee and blazer, paired with lots of sparkly accessories and heels or dressy flats.
 I paired mine with a sparkly tee from Victoria's Secret Pink, A blazer, also from Victoria's Secret, my favorite light-weight scarf (from Dollar General-$5!!), and flats from Target.
If you get hot later in the night, just take off the blazer-a tee with dressed-up accessories is still 'evening' enough to stand on it's own!!

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