Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture of the Day

Yes, it is Monday. We have been battling illness in my house. All the pollen outside has been violating my nasal passages. I am feeling fatigued and weak (aka lazy).'s some pictures of the day. 

This is Gabriel playing out on our balcony-deck with the most entertaining toy (for him) ever-a $1 squirt bottle. If you tallied all the time he has played with his toys total, this would be the one that would win for most use, hands down. Everytime we go outside and he spends an hour and a half squirting stuff, chasing the dog, or unscrewing the lid and pouring the water out (and then asking me to refill it for him) I feel regret for ever spending money on anything else. It's also great for later in the summer when it reaches 98 degrees every day, because he is more than happy to squirt mommy and cool her off as she lays out in the sun : )

 "Don't hate me because I are beautiful..."
 If you look carefully, you can see the droplets of water in the air that he has just squirted at me and my camera



Megan said...

you need to teach him to actually say "don't hate me because I are beautiful"

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