Thursday, April 28, 2011

Picture of the day: You eat the cheerios, and I'll drink the milk

Gabriel decided he wanted cheerios for lunch today, and since he tends to gravitate towards requesting macaroni and cheese or macaroni and cheese mixed with beans every day, I was happy to feed him multigrain cheerios instead (which are sooo much more delicious than regular cheerios). So he happily eats cheerios for a while, then suddenly announces, "Iyah (that is how he says 'I', or 'me', or 'mine'...I don't know why) (l)ove milk." love milk. But then he says, "Mommy eat all these cheerios, and Iyah drink milk with this (holds up spoon). otay mommy?" He had eaten a decent amount of cheerios, so I agreed to spoon out the rest into the trash so they won't be in his way and he can drink the milk. So I spoon them out, except maybe the four or five stubborn ones that keep moving out of the way. I give him the bowl back, but his little brow furrows and he says, "Four cheerios mommy." I actually had to get every last cheerio out so he could sit there for twenty minutes (because that's how long it takes to drink a half a bowl's worth of milk with a teaspoon) until he finished his milk. Sigh. Life with a toddler.

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