Monday, October 31, 2011

What We've Been Up To

 Carving Pumpkins...

 Cooking a big pot of lentil soup...

 Making "Spider Cookies"...

Now here's to crossed fingers that the G baby is cooperative for Trick-or-Treating tonight!!



Friday, October 21, 2011

My Beauty Faves!

A week or so ago, I posted about the products that are on my Beauty Blacklist, or in other words, that I absolutely wasted my money on.
Now I want to share with you some of my all-time favorite beauty must-haves.

 When it comes to facial cleansers, this stuff is pretty boss. My husband even requests it, and says he thinks it really does keep his face in check...and you have to understand, his input on beauty products is pretty few and far between. With tiny exfoliating grains, this stuff really gets your face clean but doesn't irritate, not even my super-sensitive pregnancy skin. (Seriously, what's up with your freakin' skin when you're preggos?)
 Pond's Cold Cream. When I wear makeup, it usually involves both eyeliner and a good bit of mascara, which is killer to remove at the end of the night. Instead of torturing my eyes with bunches of face soap, I use this stuff with a cotton ball to remove most of my eye makeup before I wash my face. It's not expensive, and the tub lasts a really long time-as you can tell, mine is looking a little rough because I've had it for months.
 Loreal Translucide Loose Powder.
You probably won't find this stuff in stores, but Ulta carries it online. When I use this stuff on my face, I truly do not get oily all day. Every time, I almost can't believe it. It also smells great and doesn't break out my skin. It's not shimmery, but not too matte either. It is just a really really great product.
 Although I am still looking forward to trying some of the concealers that some of you guys suggested, I bought this stuff last week because it was on clearance. OMG. Not only does it truly help shrink a pimple by the end of the day, it covers extremely well and blends good too. What keeps it from being perfect is that you do have to reapply throughout the day because it wears easily. But it blends so well that reapplying is a cinch and it covers so well that to me, it's worth it. I will also note that it comes it light, light-medium, and medium. Though I am extremely pale right now, I got the light-medium and it works well, which leads me to believe that this stuff runs a little light.
Cover Girl brow & eye makers in soft brown.
If you don't currently use an eyebrow pencil, try it and it will change your life. I plan very soon to do a before/after of brow pencil picture of myself to show you guys-the difference is just crazy. Brows are the frame of your face, and filling them in a little does wonders. This color is very light, and works on ANY brow color-seriously.

There you go guys........what are some of YOUR beauty faves?



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rebel Rebel

I live in the South, where a woman walking down the street wearing white after Labor Day is about as taboo as a woman walking down the street naked. But our neighbors up north say it's okay, as long as it's done right. Here's to my rebel moment.

Jacket-Nine West
Tunic-Liz Lange for Target
Scarf-I made it!

And here are some of my tips for wearing white after Labor Day and makin' it look good!

-Pair your white with a bold Fall color. Avoid pairing it with pastels-think jewel tones or primary colors instead.
-Stay away from Linen-it's almost always a summery fabric, especially in white.
-Use layers in your outfit to give it a more cooler-season feel.
-Pair your white with black and gray to give it a geometric color-blocked look instead of a bright summery one.
-Wear shoes that make a Fall or Winter statement-no open toes! Think booties, boots, or close-toed pumps.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Toddler Tuesday and Outfit of the Day

Today, we snagged some Subway (I keep craving their Veggie Delight sandwich...don't ask, I'm not a vegetarian, I'm just extremely disgusted so far in this pregnancy) and picnicked at our local park.
 This is what I wore to stand the heat. It's funny that my 'boyfriend' jean shorts now fit me pretty much just like jean shorts, lol.
This is actually a maternity sister is so sweet and bought me a few maternity pieces from Old Navy. I am thinking that is going to be my go-to for maternity wear because it was all really great stuff!

Have you tried the cheese pizza at Subway?? It's delicious : )

His face in this one kills me!

The G baby has an unfortunate hesitance to try anything. I have literally spent so many days racking my brain to try and figure out if there's something we've done wrong to make him like this. At the beach this summer, he was too scared to get in the ocean. He has an awesome brand-new battery-powered vehicle my Dad got him for his 3rd birthday that he is too scared to try and drive. My husband spent all day hanging a swing (which the G baby now loves) from a tree in our yard and it was three weeks before the G baby agreed to try it. It is such a struggle to try to get him to do anything for the first time. We've tried so many different approaches to help him become more outgoing, but when it comes down to it-we just have to wait around for him to try things in his own time. He is finally going down the slide at the park!

                                                  "I have climb up dis slide now. It my job."

Poor G baby. He is pushing an invisible 'baby' in the swing. Don't worry G baby, you'll have a brother/sister soon!!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Seriously, getting anything for free is like a little ray of sunshine in your week. I don't know what is up with my luck lately, but I have won giveaways from two different blogs this week! Ladies, enter giveaways-you just never know!!
Here are my spoils from the {posh} daisy shop, this amazing flower headband and beaded line necklace.  They are really both so beautiful in person. And the headband looks beautiful on, even with your hair down. For some reason, I have a hard time finding headbands that don't make my hair look all wonky when it's's hard to explain, but with the soft stretchy band on this one, it doesn't make your hair pouf out on the sides. It just works!

Thank you so much Cerrisse for the amazing giveaway-seriously, you made my week : )
If you guys want to check out Cerrisse's wonderful blog and shop, click here or here.

And yes, this is my "outfit of the day post' for today. It was grocery day...and I was hoping everyone would focus on my beautiful new headband and not my lame outfit, hehe.




There's a blog that I've been meaning to share with you guys for a while, by someone that I actually know *outside the blogging community*, megans.rosee! One of my favorite aspects of her blog are her "Model Monday" posts, where she features a specific fashion model in each post. What I love is that she thinks outside of the box and features gorgeous and interesting models that many of us haven't heard of, so you aren't just seeing pictures or getting info that you already have.
Today her post is about Tara Lynn, one of today's most beautiful PLUS size models. It really is inspiring to see the fashion world recognize that beauty comes in many forms. I strongly urge you to check out today's Model Monday post over at megans.rosee.



Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disney Couture

For those of us that still dream in sparkles...

The Minnie X Mawi Gem Bracelet

The Pirates Glamour Skull Ring in Gold

The "Believe" Ring in Gold

The Little Mermaid Collection Hidden Pearl Ring

The Alice in Wonderland 'Drink Me' Bottle Pendant

The Pirates Bright Thread Wrapped Bracelet

The Little Mermaid Shark Jaw Ring

The Pirates Beaded Stretch Charm Bracelet

The Cinderella Platinum Plated Key Pendant Necklace

The "Have Faith In Your Dreams" Bracelet in Black

The Minnie X Mawi Gem Ear Necklace in Gold

All images property of

What I really love about this collection is that not only are the pieces beautiful, but it's almost like buying a little piece of history.