Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thrifty Things Thursday!!

I have had this blog for a while, so here is an attempt to give it a little more structure-with my first weekly-themed post-Thrifty Things Thursday!! Here is a few amazing things that I have found on the web-enjoy!!

 Okay, so there's this brand called L*Space, that makes fabulous bathing suits, the only problem is, they're upwards of $150!! The suit above at Amiclubwear is a dead-ringer for one of their most popular swimsuits, and it's less than $50!!
 Jeweled jelly flats?? Yes please!!
 With all the short dresses for spring, you gotta have a pair of nude heels to make those legs look miles long. If you don't want to go for a boring old nude pump, try something like this-it will give you the leg-lengthening look without sacrificing your flair!!

Amiclubwear has TONS of items...and an amazing selection of affordable shoes. I guarantee you will find any pair of high heels there you could want.
*Thank you Amy for the awesome tip!!!* My blog readers are awesome!!!

Awesome jewelry from

Charlotte russe has recently expanded their jewelry selection (online at least) and the pieces start at just $4!!! I am pretty sure all of the pieces above are under $10.

 If you love the tie-dye look, but aren't into making your own-here is an affordable tank!!
 Love this top for forever21 plus sizes!!

 This long red dress is $10.80-would look amazing with a statement necklace in a contrasting color such as turquoise or yellow!

Happy shopping everyone!!


Anonymous said...

love this!

Christa said...

oooo i need me some plus size! i love finding thrifty things. i swear ross is the only place i shop