Monday, February 28, 2011

disney couture jewelry - apple in hand necklace (gold/red/oxidized) - Disney Couture Jewelry | 80's Purple

disney couture jewelry - apple in hand necklace (gold/red/oxidized) - Disney Couture Jewelry | 80's Purple amazing is this necklace by Disney couture?? Love their stuff...



This jacket is sooo cheap and would be great for spring!! For a price like this, you might have to sacrifice a little with fit, but you can always cinch the waist with a belt or take it to a tailor...even $20 extra on this jacket for tailoring would get you something great for only $40!!


On my main blog page when it says the part about ' the middle of nowhere' it is no joke! I love my current home and am extremely blessed to have it, but I have to say that we are a little far out here in the country! You can tell springtime is on the bound out here in the country because a few nights ago we heard the frogs out near our pond croaking and humming...then tonight as I was reading Gabriel a story and about to put him in his crib we saw a couple frogs on his window...and then a few minutes ago on my way to the bathroom I saw a tiny little tree frog in my house! After pleading to my husband to capture it and set it free out the door (his response-"aww...leave the little guy alone" I became afraid of it getting stuck in our house and dying in some corner to be found and possibly put in mouth by Gabriel at some point, so I caught the frog and set him out the door. But by the time I had closed the door, ANOTHER tiny tree frog had jumped inside (there were a couple clinging to our glass door) which I then had to catch and set free outside. And by the time I closed the door...ANOTHER one had jumped in. Seriously. But after that one I am happy to say that I am going to bed and the house is frog-free. Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Update your spring wardrobe for under $1!!!!

Fuchsia lipstick!! Mine is wet and wild and it costs 99 can find various brands and shades in your local drugstore or wal-mart. Swipe a little of this stuff on and it instantly brings a little spring into your look. My mother visited this weekend and I used the opportunity to test some out on her as well...when I offered to do her makeup and then pulled this out at the end at first I think she thought I was crazy...but I think she liked it too! It looks good on everybody! When you wear such a shocking shade on your lips, it's important to keep the rest of your face neutral. I am going to give you an example of a good way to pair neutral eye makeup with a fuchsia lip shade.

This is my Ma sans you can get an idea of how much we ended up using on the eyes.
Ok, so first we want to use foundation to even out skin tone, followed by translucent powder to set the face. Then, I dusted a brown-gold bronzer under her cheekbones. Before adding any eyeshadow, I traced her upper lash line with a chocolate eye pencil, making sure to smudge it into her lashes to give a fuller lash effect. Then I used some light gold/beige shadow to highlight the inner corners of her eyes and along her browbone. I then applied a warm brown shadow all across her lid and up into her crease. And finished with mascara. This was the finished product.
But, add a little bit of fuchsia lipstick and...

 Adds flair to a plain black an accessory of it's own!!
This is the lipstick that I used...wet and wild shade 511B. It cost me 99 cents, and is actually very smooth and creamy. There are lots of other brands out there at various price ranges, but I highly recommend this one!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Snack smart

Remember those days when you could eat whatever you want and not worry? I was a 'late bloomer' but it definitely had its benefits...growing taller all through high school meant that I could eat a giant bowl of ice cream every night and never work out and reap no repercussions...but alas, those days are long over. When I was pregnant, I gained LITERALLY 45 pounds (I ate whatever and how much of anything I wanted, which is really unhealthy, I am going to try to be healthier next time) and after having my baby I found myself with A LOT of extra weight to get rid of. In a way, it was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to take responsibility for my body and health in a way that I hadn't as a young adult. I started exercising, which I had never done before. I learned to make smarter choices when it came to what I was putting into my body. I have a HUGE sweet tooth, and I am hungry every two hours. Seriously, my stomach starts growling two hours after my last meal, no matter what it was. So for me, snacks during the day are a MUST. Today, I am going to share with you some of my favorite healthy snacks:

1. Emerald brand cocoa roast almonds...if you're a chocoholic like me, it can really be a challenge finding a chocolately snack that you aren't going to feel guilty about. Almonds are packed with protein, which can give you the energy you need to avoid a late-afternoon crash. And since they are dusted with cocoa instead of covered in actual chocolate, they are good for you!

2. Special K cracker chips...I see 'healthy' chips all the time that aren't really that much better for you than your run-of-the-mill fried potato chips. It's so disappointing!! These are so far the ONLY chips I have found that are low fat and low-calorie. And the serving size is a whopping 30 chips...instead of the usual 12. (And they're salty and delicious!)

3. Dole fruit crisp apple cinnamon...If you're craving something sweet AND crunchy, these are delicious warmed up in the's almost like a mini apple crisp.

4. Athenos greek yogurt...comes with fruit that you can mix in...and no fat. I love yogurt, but regular low fat yogurt usually includes artificial sweetener that hurts my stomach. This stuff is GREAT for you...but doesn't have all that weird artificial stuff.

5. 100 calorie popcorn mini-bags...These come in regular butter-flavored and kettle corn. They're both good...crunchy and filling.

6. Minute Maid kids' orange juice...If you need something sweet, this stuff is great. Since it's specially made for kids, it is really smooth and mild and has added calcium and vitamins. 100% juice.

Happy snacking!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wear if you dare...try a sky-high ballerina bun

I saw this style in a magazine earlier this year and I thought, ', not for me'. But since I am wanting to experiment on more things now when it comes to fashion so I can share it with you guys, since it was raining today (so if I left my hair down it would be a disaster) and since I didn't get a chance to shower before heading to the grocery store (let's face it...when you're shopping with a two and a half year old, it's better to get there before 9 a.m. so as to have the store as empty as possible=no time for shower), today I decided to give it a try. And it adorable!! I do not consider myself someone who generally looks good with their hair up. But this was chic and flattering, and it does seem that when your hair is up, the more volume on top there is, the more flattering.

 Sky-high ballerina bun:

Step one: Pull hair up into a high ponytail, keeping sides and underneath smooth
Step two: loosely wrap hair around ponytail and loosely secure with another hair elastic

Step three: pin any ends sticking out underneath bun and use bobby pins to anchor bun to head...your bun should be lose but secure

Example of piece sticking out that you would need to pin under

Your chic new hair-do!!

Picture of the Day

Being silly while playing toy story with mommy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

scarves, scarves, and.........well, scarves!!

Online shopping

This is a list of my top 5 favorite sites to shop from online.

1.    Lulu's is a little known GEM. They have ridiculously cute clothes and accessories that are crazy affordable and also on the unique side.

2.  J Crew is way out of my current price range. I have been in j crew stores and was NOT impressed. That being said, they have a huge selection of final sale items on their website for hugely discounted prices. Their clothes are high quality and they use luxury fabrics, which is why their prices run so high. If you are interested in staple classic pieces that you can wear for years to come, please check out their sales. Every month or so, something wonderful and magical happens-their stuff on sale goes on an extra 20%, sometimes even extra 30% off!!! Subscribe to their emails and they will send you an email when this special promotion is going on. I got a peacoat from them once that was originally $250 for under $100. Amazing!

3. I have mixed feeling about old navy's clothes because while they offer a lot of great stuff, sometimes it can fall a little on the cheap side. And I'm not talking price, I'm talking quality. But if you need any kind of special size, you will be able to find it on their website. They are one of the only places I know of that offers tanks and camis in LONG. Also long sleeve shirts...coats...dresses...longer length, longer sleeves! Also petite sizes for the opposite end of the spectrum. I will not buy bralette camis anywhere else. If you find something you love in their store but it is not in your size...check the website!!!

4. Their clothes are amazing and they are only available through order online or through their catalog. They have amazing clearance sales for everything from undies and swimwear to shoes. They offer HUNDREDS of swimsuits...if you can't find a bikini that fits your style and price range on their site, you will not find it anywhere.

5.  Asos is a british company but they ship FREE to the US. They have tons of clothing, shoes, and accessories for any price range. It is also really easy to shop for something specific, in a specific size, in a specific price range. You must check this web site out!!!

Happy shopping everyone!!

Baked Chimichangas

I love looking up recipes online on either recipe websites or blogs. The problem is, as great as some of the stuff looks, I figure that by the time I get all the ingredients needed for one recipe I will be out thirty bucks. The recipes that I will include on this blog are all recipes that I have tried myself...and for those of you that live in the real world (on a budget), get ready for the great news.........I get ALL of my  groceries at Wal-mart. I do all my grocery shopping once a week at America's most hated/loved megastore and on average spend around $180. I cook dinner for my family AT LEAST six nights a week (though one of those nights it's frozen pizza), and make breakfast and lunch for myself and my child every day. So the past couple of years, I have learned how to be frugal with cooking. That being said, I also try my best (although it is SOOOO hard when you have a tight  budget AND when you are cooking for a man) to make food that is healthy. Here is a recipe that I made a couple nights ago for the first time, and it was a big hit!

We love mexican food in our family (mine and my husband Eric's date night always ends up being at the local mexican joint, no matter how much we 'consider' trying something else), and this is my healthy and cheap take on chimichangas!

Baked Chimichangas

You will need:

8-10 10 inch flour tortillas
1 large can of refried beans (can't remember the exact amount...but it's not the normal size can, it's the bigger size)
1 onion, diced as finely as possible (i used a food processor, but if you don't own one, don't worry)
1 small can of diced green chiles (usually can be found in close proximity to refried beans)
1 package taco seasoning
1 jar of your favorite salsa
1 package (about 2 cups) shredded cheddar cheese (can use low-fat if you want)
about 2 tablespoons of melted butter  (or you can use butter-flavored pam if you want)
sour cream, if desired 

1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and grease a large cookie sheet
2. Mix beans and taco seasoning in a large bowl. I microwaved my beans in the bowl a little first to make them easier to mix with
3. Spoon some of the bean mixture, green chiles, salsa, onion, and cheese into each tortilla. The beans should really be the main ingredient, with probably 2-3 large tablespoons in each tortilla, and maybe 1-2 teaspoons of each of the other ingredients...just use your best judgement, but make sure you don't put any stuffing about 1/2 inch of each ends, so you will be able to fold them up.
4. Fold up the top and bottom of the tortilla, and then fold up the sides as tightly as you can. Place folded side down on your cookie sheet.
5. Brush the part of the tortilla facing up with the melted butter, or spray liberally with pam. Bake for 20-30 until golden brown
6. Top with sour cream and more salsa if you want. 
Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of this dish...they were eaten in entirety before I thought to get the camera ; )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mmmm...peanut butter cookies!

My mother-in-law introduced me to this recipe for three-ingredient peanut butter cookies. All you need to make these is crunchy peanut butter, sugar, and egg. I didn't even realize I liked peanut butter cookies (though I tend not to turn down cookies of any sort) until I had these.

 1 c. crunchy peanut butter
1 large egg
1 c. sugar

preheat oven to 350 degrees
mix all ingredients together in large bowl
roll into 1-inch balls and place on cookie sheet
flatten slightly with fork
bake for 11-13 minutes

My son loves to make these with his grandma...tonight after dinner he said..."so appy! (happy) make tookies!!"


First video blog: Mid-rise skinny jeans!!

Test video!!!

Hey you guys!! Just trying to figure out the right size to save videos to post on here...going to post this test one to make sure it looks okay! Just a little video of my son...

Picture of the day

So this is my picture(s) of the day...Gabriel got into my photo album supplies and decided to decorate my dresser while I was in the bathroom...for some reason, the act of pulling a sticker off of a sheet and sticking it somewhere gives him joy that cannot be expressed in words...doesn't matter what kind of sticker it is...

I have tried about three times to post my first video blog on here but so far have been unsuccessful...will keep trying, until then, everyone have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feeling like Spring outside.....

This is a little poem that I just wrote while playing outside with's a beautiful day here today, although windy...enjoy!!

Winter clings desperate to the breeze
but the sun prevails with all its warmth
and my child's giggles bubble through the air as his feet
scamper across the bright shoots of newborn grass
the red-tailed hawk soars, searching the expanse of a cerulean sky
and the  clouds stay far enough away
to be mistaken for nothing more than a delicate lace embellishment

G-GGGG-GBABY! is Tuesday...the husband just left for pharmacy begins a full day of mommy and G baby time! My husband Eric and I take turns getting up with the baby in the morning, and this morning was his turn, so I did get to sleep in....until 7:30! My little guy gets up between 5:30 and 6:30, and if it's before 6, we usually try to get him to lay back down in his crib for a while. This can only be negotiated if whoever is up with him agrees to lay down on his floor...which is good for a little 45 minute snooze. I am currently drinking my morning cup of black coffee while Gabriel jumps on the couch next to me and watches Disney Junior. He is currently in a no t.v. watching phase...he doesn't want to chill and watch t.v. at all! He has to be doing something else at the same time......coloring, playing with a toy, or in this morning's case, jumping up and down while sporadically poking me in my hair and shouting something unintelligible. Which brings me to...

He's precious, he's hilarious, he's gorgeous.........he's my G baby!!! But, he's also a naughty little guy...he just interrupted me writing that to tell me 'two boobies' while pointing at my chest (not sure why he is obsessed with boobs, I breastfed him for a whole year, should have been long enough!). That being said, I am going to share with you the thing that he does that makes me the angriest...
Yes...playing with the dog food and making a mess!!! He KNOWS he is not supposed to be doing it...goes to time out every time he does...and yet can't seem to stop himself. It is so funny the things that little kids will do despite knowing punishment is at hand because it is worth it to them. His favorite thing to do with the food is either throw it across the room in various places (only when dog is in room, Gabriel wants him to run after food and eat it) or drop the food in the dog's water.....which makes it soggy and completely disgusting to clean up. 
This is our dog, Miles by the way...he is a Shiba Inu, a Japanese breed, and we actually adopted him from my mother when she needed to rehome him. 
We have had Miles for two months now, and the combination of him and a two year old can be very frustrating......Gabriel and Miles have a love/hate relationship. It's almost as if Gabriel treats him as a younger brother, roughhousing him and dominating him...he seems to treat his grandparents' Great Pyrenees with respect, so he's not an animal abuser in general...

Now for what you've all been waiting for.....(or not) a little piece of fashion advice from your favorite new blogger!! So, the weather where I'm at has been pretty wishy-washy's still winter, not spring, but it IS getting's hard to know what you should be wearing when you leave the house, and whether you might get hot/cold later in the day. I have a great recommendation for an article of clothing that makes a great layer no matter the temperature outside!

This is a convertible lightweight open cardigan...I got mine at JcPenny's (shopping in my immediate area is limited) but they are everywhere!!! This is a great piece because it is lightweight and open...I pair mine with skinny jeans and flats, and wear a cami or fitted tee underneath when it is warm. When it's colder...I wear long sleeves underneath and add a scarf around my neck. When you get warm, just loose a layer!! One thing to look out for though: since it is a loose piece, it is ESSENTIAL that the sleeves are very fitted...if the sleeves are loose you can end up looking heavier than you are. Also, make sure whatever you wear on your bottom half is fitted as don't want loose pieces on both bottom and top.
Well...that is all for today!! Please continue to look for more posts!!

 Have a lovely day,


Monday, February 21, 2011

Intro to my life

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my first post. I have decided to write a blog because 1.) I currently have no other clear-cut career goals
2.) I have always loved to write and am desperate for a creative outlet 3.) get bored during my son's naptime

I feel semi-concerned that starting a blog about your life, thoughts, ideas, etc. kind of paints one in an egotistical light, but as an adult, I have learned about the value of confidence, and I do have confidence in my taste for fashion, food, and my writing talent! So here we are!

A little about my life.....(those of you who know me well may want to skip this part) I am currently 23 years old...married for a little over 8 months to the most unique man I have met, my husband Eric. He is extremely busy working hard at his doctorate of pharmacy degree so that leads me to my job....full-time care of our two-and-a-half year old son Gabriel.

Between diaper changes, play-doh, and toy trains, I find time to explore the world of fashion, spirituality (I follow the Christian faith through a personal relationship with Christ), and something I get to practice everyday-the culinary arts! Look forward to many tips, tricks, and tales to come!!