Saturday, February 25, 2012


I just discovered a new super AFFORDABLE online boutique that is packed with adorable finds! It's called Sosie, and most of their dresses seem to fall in the $40-$60 range, with tops priced mostly around $30. But what I really love is their vast selection of shorts and skirts (around $30-$50). I always love visiting e-boutiques such as Ruche and Lulu*s, and as freakin cute as their stuff is, a lot of the stores seem to carry a lot of the same stock. What's exciting about Sosie, is I am not coming across anything I've seen before!

*No, I was not compensated in any way for this post...just thought I'd share my shopping excitement with you!*
Check out some of my favorite items below, or click here to just visit Sosie's main page!

Bartlett tail skirt
Bartlett Tail Skirt-$42

Tribal flair skirt
Tribal Flair Skirt-$16 (yes, on sale for $16!!)

Lund pleated shorts in turquoise
Lund Pleated Shorts in Turquoise-$38

Striped weekend dress in coral
Striped Weekend Dress in Coral-$41

Kentwood dress
Kentwood Dress-$49

Chiffon moto jacket in mint
Chiffon Moto Jacket in Mint-$57

Leopard sweater tee
Leopard Sweater Tee-$30

Bow belt in black
Bow Belt-$12

Happy Shopping!



Monday, February 20, 2012


I know I haven't posted in forever. Hopefully this post will lead to...more? It's mainly just that since my energy level is at 0, I can't stay up during the G baby's naptime to blog, I have to go to my room and pass out myself! I've only got 10 weeks left, and then I hope to be back to posting regular once I get used to having a newborn again!
Here's just a couple of cute pics my husband took of me and my G baby playing fireman...
 Basically, I stay on the bed with his play phone and answer calls made to the fire station...then FireChiefGBaby runs to the rescue!

                                                                 "I'll be right back fireMom!!"

                                 Apparently, a lightsaber can double as a fire hose.

                                                                  Uh-oh getting a call!

                              "I'm going to need your help on this one fireMom. It's a rea' big fire in baby Ari's room."

             Getting the job done. Good thing he has two lightsabers/fire hoses.

                                                                              High Five!

                                                                           Nice work!

So now, me and FireChiefGBaby are off to do our weekly grocery shopping where I'm seriously planning on buying some Drumsticks (not the chicken kind, the ice cream kind!) I have literally been dreaming about ice cream almost every night this week......and peanuts, and chocolate!