Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buy one great white button-down-wear it a zillion ways

I was inspired by a recent article in Instyle magazine about white button-downs. I started thinking...do I have one? Should I steal one from Eric and try to tailor it to my body? So, I searched my closet and voila! I found a shirt that I got right before I got pregnant....and never really had a chance to wear. My white shirt is from Victoria's Secret and is made out of silk. There are a million options out there! Here is a few ideas on how to wear your white button-down...unfortunately, the camera angle was a little off (and stupid me didn't check before taking all these pictures, and I'm not prepared to spend thirty more minutes changes outfits and taking more) and I missed my shoes. Every time. Also, I threw on some lipstick but other than that I have absolutely no makeup on...so I wore my husband's Oakleys. Hehe.
 You can wear it at evening with dressy shorts and booties (my shoes that got cut off in this pic), and some bling bling
 Casual in the daytime with boyfriend shorts (yes, these are the ones I made the other day!) and a leather belt and gladiator sandals (cut off in the pic, lol)
 More daytime with skinny jeans and flats
 A little dressier for daytime...with a blazer cinched with a belt
 Out on a date with darker jeans and heels...nice jewelry and metallic belt
With a pencil skirt and heels for work!

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