Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It cost me less than $3 to get high......................definition color!

I keep picking up Loreal's high intensity pigment (HIP) duos and almost buying them. But...they're like, $7! Yesterday, as I was picking up a prescription at the drug store, I perused the makeup aisle, and I found this new palette of colors from wet n' wild-for less than $3!!
It was the uber-sparkly black that sucked me in. I was not expected this to be a 'wow' product, I was just hoping it would be worth the price. I came home, tried it on.......and was blown away!! All three of these colors are magnificent! The pink is one of the best-pigmented colors I have ever tried on, and the silver is the best silver shadow I have ever used. WHAT!! If you have this brand at your local drugstore, you have to go and check this stuff out!! They even have a diagram on the back of the package that shows you exactly where to use each color!! Until I started this blog, I was never a buyer of this brand-I don't buy expensive makeup, but I never wanted to risk my skin on the super-cheap stuff either. But-wet n' wild continues to impress me with their lipstick, nail polish, and now-high definition eye shadow.

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