Friday, April 29, 2011

Etsy Earrings

Here's some of my new designs!!! Check out my shop at Beamon Baubles


In honor of today's royal wedding, I am going to share one of the biggest successes of my wedding last summer, and yes, it is a piece of makeup!!! If you are a in-the-near-future bride, you MUST READ THIS!!
This is the foundation that I used on my wedding day, that I found my pure luck. It was only around $5.00, but if I knew how it worked, I would have been perfectly willing to dish out $50. Rimmel Lasting Finish 16 hour makeup. It was 94 degrees outside on my wedding day last June, without a cloud in the sky. One of the things I remember most about my wedding day was the feeling like I was MELTING...I mean, it was seriously hot outside, and wearing 10 pounds of tulle and beading?? COME ON!
But my makeup didn't budge. I didn't look greasy, though I was sweating buckets. THIS STUFF STAYED ON AND LOOKED FLAWLESS. Now, it does smell like the paint we used to paint the outside of our house last year, but it covers as well as house paint, so that's nothing to complain about.
I don't know if I would use this stuff every day, but I have used it a few times since my wedding, and it hasn't broken my skin out. I am serious...if you have a big day of any type coming up,  you have to try this stuff. I don't know if all stores carry it or not, but you can definitely order it off of I would literally say that this is the single-most impressive makeup product that I have ever used.
Here's a couple pictures of me from my wedding, looking flawless thanks to Rimmel!! (And thank you to Lauren D Rogers photography, all of these pictures were taken by her!)

 Photo by Lauren D Rogers
 Photo by Lauren D Rogers
 Photo by Lauren D Rogers
Photo by Lauren D Rogers

How to look polished when you jump out of the shower and GO!

Here's a couple tips on how to still look presentable on those mornings when you literally have no time to do anything but shower. Even if you have too little time to follow all of these quick steps, you can still do a few!
First, makeup that takes less than two minutes-
 Start with moisturizer, to care for your skin and give it a fresh glow
 Next, quickly apply powder foundation to your t-zone, the area that gets the most oily-your forehead, nose, and on both sides of the bridge of your nose. (This is why I love pressed powder foundation-so quick and no mess!)
 Use your finger to apply sparkly nude or gold shadow to your browbone and the inner corner of your eyes.
 Here, and...
 Finish with a few swipes of mascara.
If you have time, brush some sparkly bronzer on really quick. The shimmer helps your skin look more even, since you didn't have time to put foundation all over.

Next, dry just the front of your hair-the part that frames your face. I did mine in less than a minute, I swear!
 This makes it less obvious that your hair is wet, since you are going to put the rest of it back.
 Twist the rest of your hair into a pun and wrap a hair elastic around to keep it in place-it's faster than using bobby pins.
 Finish with some bright lipstick!!
For your outfit, keep it simple with something that never fails-a great pair of jeans and a solid colored shirt. Try black-it looks sophisticated with a bun...add some accessories, and go!!!
 Now you just gotta get your G baby dressed too!!
 He wanted his pic taken
"This many more picture ME, mommy!!"

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My three most-loved foundations

 When a woman finds 'the' foundation for her, a special and sacred bond is formed. You are loyal to each other...see each other almost every day, and freak out when the store you buy them at runs out!!! Since I have less-than-spectacular skin, a good foundation is extremely important to me. I feel like I have tried them all-(all the affordable ones anyways) Maybelline, Covergirl, Bare Minerals, Physician's formula, Revlon, etc. and these get my stamp of approval!!!

Covergirl Advanced Radiance liquid foundation-I have mentioned this stuff before, I love it!! It goes on so silky and smooth and covers really great. One of the things that I think sets it apart though, is its staying power. A lot of foundation gets heavy and oily-feeling on my face after I've worn it a few hours, but this stuff feels fresh all day. It also doesn't aggravate my skin, and it actually smells good! The only thing I will mention though, is it seems to run light. You might want to think about getting a shade darker than you normally would.

Loreal True Match-So I have seen this stuff advertised out the wazoo, and I have to admit I was a doubter. My mother actually gave me this bottle because it was too light for her, and if she hadn't, I would probably never had tried it. I love this stuff-it is light but it covers well. And of course, it comes in an array of tones and colors so you should have no problem finding your perfect match. It also doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

Maybelline Pure Stay Powder Foundation-This is the BEST powder foundation I have ever used. And I have tried literally, almost everything in this department-three different kinds of Physician's formula mineral makeups, bare minerals, rimmel, covergirl, etc. This is not only easier to apply than all those others due to the compact and the fact that it comes in a pressed instead of loose form, but it covers the best as well. It hasn't made me break out, and I've ever worn it outside to play with my son in the 90 degree sun. It even has an spf 15!! Highly highly recommended.

Hope you all find your special someone too, lol!!

Thrifty finds Thursday!!

Victoria's Secret push-up swimtop for $7.99
If you need some lift (or padding), this is a great bikini top. It is on clearance!!! I had this in black but it was pre-pregnancy and breastfeeding, so it's now wayyy too big. This top will give you lift because of the sturdy band under the cups, but won't have the harsh look or feel of an underwire.
Victoria's Secret ruched bra top for $12.99  
This comes in a few different colors. I LOVE a bra top in the summer, because sometimes it's just way too hot to wear a bra-especially if you're at the beach.
Victoria's Secret Drapey Minidress $29.99
I have loved this dress since they first came out with it-and now it's on clearance!!
New York & Company Silk pants $17.99
 Dressed-up sweatpants? YES!!! These also come in black. I would advise you wear them with booties or heels though, instead of the sandals they have them pictures-I think that makes these look a little too 'genie-like'.
Forever21 Leopard Trapeze Top $11.80

Forever21 Vibrant Ikat Skirt $14.80
Cascading Ruffle Tank $15.80

I Heart Bow Earrings $4.00

Garden Party Bracelet $4.00
 Okay, so I don't know how long a four dollar charm bracelet would last. But this one from Charlotte Russe is so cute that even if it was just a month or two, it would be worth it.
Contrast Bow Handbag

Tie-Dye Maxi Skirt

Picture of the day: You eat the cheerios, and I'll drink the milk

Gabriel decided he wanted cheerios for lunch today, and since he tends to gravitate towards requesting macaroni and cheese or macaroni and cheese mixed with beans every day, I was happy to feed him multigrain cheerios instead (which are sooo much more delicious than regular cheerios). So he happily eats cheerios for a while, then suddenly announces, "Iyah (that is how he says 'I', or 'me', or 'mine'...I don't know why) (l)ove milk." love milk. But then he says, "Mommy eat all these cheerios, and Iyah drink milk with this (holds up spoon). otay mommy?" He had eaten a decent amount of cheerios, so I agreed to spoon out the rest into the trash so they won't be in his way and he can drink the milk. So I spoon them out, except maybe the four or five stubborn ones that keep moving out of the way. I give him the bowl back, but his little brow furrows and he says, "Four cheerios mommy." I actually had to get every last cheerio out so he could sit there for twenty minutes (because that's how long it takes to drink a half a bowl's worth of milk with a teaspoon) until he finished his milk. Sigh. Life with a toddler.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Picture of the Day: Sleeping boy

Gabriel took a three hour nap today, and slept so long that I finally had to wake him up. When I walked in his room, he still didn't wake up. So I got some rare and precious sleeping pictures!!

It's so easy to see the newborn baby that you brought home in your child when they are asleep...what a sweet pea

Want it Wednesday: Mother's Day Edition

Ohhh snap!! Another weekly post theme: Want it Wednesday, where I show you some of the most fabulous stuff that I have found around the web and am salivating over, both the affordable and not-so-affordable. Okay, so I don't ever actually drool but I have been known to cry when I am moved by super-fabulous fashion. (The first time I ever browsed the Rachel Roy clothing website, for instance. there were definitely tears) This week though, I am going to feature items that I am maybe hoping to receive for Mother's Day. HINT HINT HUSBAND and BABY G, get momma something GOOD!!

The Splits Dress

Slice of Heaven Dress

On Point Linen Jacket

Different Strokes Crop Jacket

Cute Khaki Skirt

Endless Summer Dress

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