Monday, April 25, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Hunting eggs when its ninety degrees outside! the title speaks for itself...
This is a dress that I bought at Target for $20, like four years ago! It's still one of my favorite pieces, I love the mod look to it. I wore this with yellow and gold bangles, white/gold hoops, and gold flat sandals (that I bought at wal-mart on clearance for $4!)

For all the mommies out there with young toddlers or secret to being able to wear a short and breezy dress like this to stay cool, while NOT having any wardrobe malfunctions while chasing toddler/bending down/picking up is to wear boyshorts underneath. Some boyshorts out there are almost as microscopic as regular underwear, but if you hunt around a little, you can find some with more coverage. So, if toddler-chasing leaves you with your underwear showing, it's embarrassing but not horrific!

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Christa said...

im so jealous... we are still getting snow here in utah :( BOOO!