Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boyfriend Jeans for $120!!! No thanks, I'll just make my own

I keep seeing boyfriend jeans everywhere-cute cut-off (or fake cut-off) denim shorts that are distressed and slightly baggy. I really like this idea because since I have no cleavage to show off (it's literally impossible to make cleavage with my post baby-nursing boobs *sad face*) my only option to look a little sexy is to show off my legs. But...I find a lot of shorts to be uncomfortable because they are either too tight or too short. Boyfriend jean shorts are neither! I started looking around for some that were an affordable price, and pretty much the best I could find was around $50! thank you. Then it hit me: ask my dad, brother, husband, for any jeans they have that might be too small for them and make my own!
Well, since I control the laundry in my house and regularly purge my husband's wardrobe of things he doesn't wear/can't fit in, he didn't have anything to offer me. But baby bro came through!!! (Thanks Benny)
Here is my inspiration, a pair of boyfriend jeans shorts (these cost $120!)
Here is the pair of jeans that I started with:
Okay, so using a sharp pair of scissors, I cut off the legs. Don't cut as far up as you want the legs to go, because you are going to be rolling them up-make sure to leave extra, like so:
 (Also...if you are a mother, keep the legs that you cut off. I did because I am always in need of a rag to wipe up something that my toddler has done in the house. Sure enough...the very next morning...)
 I used a leg to soak up a glass of water that Gabriel spilled, lol!! Knew it would come in handy!

 Now, fold the leg once, then fold again. Hold in place with pins (or not, I acutally didn't use any, but it would probably make it easier.)
You are going to stitch in place on the inner thigh area, and the outer thigh area. I stitched mine into an x, and then went over it again. You can use whatever stitch you feel comfortable with-just know that you are going to need a LARGE strong needle, since denim is so thick. I bought a pack of embroidery needles at wal-mart for less than $2, and they worked great.
This is what the underside of my stitch looked like. It's messy, but it doesn't matter because no one's going to see it! After I made my double X stitch, I just tied these two ends of string that you see above in a triple knot. Hey, whatever works!
This is what my finished stitch looked like. Now just do the inner thigh the same way, and repeat on the other leg.

On the middle of the front cuff and the back cuff, I made a tiny stitch just to anchor it so it won't partially unroll. It just looked like a little line, but you can do whatever you want. I tied the ends together on the underside when I was finished with this as well.

See the three stitches? Two on the sides, one tiny one in the middle, and then one on the middle of the back (which you can't see, but you would if I flipped the jeans over.) You're done!!

Here is my finished product, saved myself $120!!!


Sarah said...

SO cute! I have a boat load of jeans I can try this on! Thank you! Adorable!

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