Saturday, April 23, 2011

Makeup tips for younger-looking skin

My mother was kind enough to let me experiment on her yet again. I found quite a few tips on applying makeup when you're in the 40 and older crowd, and I think they worked pretty good!!

Tip 1-Use liquid foundation instead of powder. Powder tends to look cakey, and doesn't give you the 'glow' that you need. Also, it's better to go darker rather than lighter when trying to match your shade. Too-pale foundation is very aging. If you accidentally go a little too dark, simply apply foundation right below your jawline, then blend down the neck.

Tip2-Don't apply blush directly onto the apples of your cheeks. Shift your blush or bronzer upwards, so it sits right above your apples, and then blend towards your temples. It's like a makeup cheeklift-but it actually makes your cheekbones look amazing no matter what age you are. Also, pinky-peach blush is typically more flattering than bronzer, because skin loses it's natural pinky-tone as it ages.

Tip3-Don't use dark, matte shadow on your eyes. It's not secret that the older you get, the drier your skin gets-and matte anything has a very drying effect. Shadows in shimmering neutrals work best. In the pictures above, I used sparkly bronze shadow on my Ma, which is why her eyes look so bright and open.

Tip4-Use primer. I don't use primer, because it's expensive. But as you get older, this is really a step you shouldn't skip. Primer keeps makeup from settling into fine lines and keeps your skin smooth.

Tip5-Don't line your entire lids. Instead of going from the inner corner of your eye out when lining, start just above the center of your pupils and line to the outer edge of your eye, on top and bottom. Smudge, smudge, smudge!! Harsh lines can make you look older.

Tip6-When it come to what you put on your lips, avoid frosty colors or pale nudes. Glosses can help make lips look fuller and plumper, or stick to a very creamy lipstick in a mauve or rose. Dark shades of lipstick or gloss can make your lips actually look smaller.

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Misfit said...

Leah, I just discovered your blog, and I'm entranced. You and your family are gorgeous! I have a Gabriel of my own, that I call Gabey Baby. Of course, now that he's 8, I sometimes get the sideways glance when I call him that. LOL!

Anyway... I'm in that 40 and over group to which you are referring. I have started using a primer, but it's not your typical primer - it's Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel. The tube lasts FOREVER, and if I remember correctly it only cost around $5, and a little bit goes a really long way.

I made a face when I first heard about it, but google it, and you'll see many YouTube comparisons and testimonials. I use either the Monistat or L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Base Primer. the L'Oreal is really thick and tacky though, so I tend to use it more on my eyelids than on my whole face. I'm suffering from horrible break outs now, so I have to be very careful what I put on my face.