Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Proposal Chicken

I have often heard recipes similar to this dubbed 'proposal chicken' because supposedly if you bake it for your boyfriend it's good luck in the waiting for a marriage proposal department. I never made this for Eric when he was my boyfriend, but I make roast chicken every now and then because it's easy and unbelievably CHEAP!
A small chicken costs me less than $5!! That's less than a package of three chicken breasts. Here is my personal recipe for a delicious roast chicken.

You'll need:

1 whole chicken (I buy the tyson brand from wal-mart)
season salt
garlic powder
lemon juice or a lemon
poultry seasoning
1) You can either cook this chicken for 6 hours at 200 degrees or for 3 hours at 300 degrees, whichever you have time for. Preheat your oven accordingly
2. Get chicken out of the package and drain any juices from it that you can. Squeeze lemon juice over chicken and then apply seasonings generously (go light on the garlic powder though) and drizzle with honey.
3. Bake chicken!
4. There will be a lot of juice in the  baking dish when the chicken is cooked, see below
Try to tip the juice out and drain as much as you can, so the chicken is easier to cut.
Done and delicious, an easy, healthy meal!

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