Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am so glad that anything jeweled goes this fall when it comes to fashion-because I scored this amazing vintage Cynthia Steffe jacket at a local consignment store for a steal-and can't wait to find more ways to wear it!

Jacket-vintage Cynthia Steffe
Shoes-Steve Madden @ Macy's



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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Prairie Queen

It's been absolutely gorgeous here at our house, making outside time a must. There's just a hint of fall in the air. The crazy thing about that first cool fall breeze is that it makes you feel so restless and so at home at the same time...

Top & boots- vintage
Earrings- Urban Outfitters


L pleated poppy

Monday, August 27, 2012


This skirt was one of those things that I *KNEW* I had to have. I bought it when I was about 7 months pregnant and waited in anticipation to wear it. It sounds silly, but there are literally a few pieces of clothing that I have had non-buyers remorse over throughout the years, and I have resolved not to let it happen again! (Only realistically in price-range though-so ya know, if it's from Target. lol)

And, I'm totally rockin another wet hair look today...but hey-at least I got my workout/shower in!

 Crochet tank-Target
Bracelets-Wet Seal
Earrings-made by me!


L pleated poppy

Friday, August 24, 2012


It's funny how a good memory can be so heartbreaking.
It's a day like this that makes you curse yourself for every moment of your life that you've wished away. Every long sleepless night that you just wanted to be over. Every temper tantrum in the middle of Wal-mart that you wish you could miss. It used to make me so uncomfortable when the G baby was just months old and the old timers would stop and coo at him out in public and always say something along the lines of, 'he'll grow too fast.' I would think, 'Yes! When he can crawl he can get what he wants without waiting for me to figure it out. When he can talk I will finally know what he's been thinking! When he can get his own snack from the fridge, life will be so much easier.'
Nothing makes my heart heavier than to realize all the moments I should have cherished as a young first-time mother, instead of letting them scare me into just wishing I'd make it through them.

Today, we went to the park, and my husband took our second little baby for her first ride down a slide.

...And it made me remember a time, almost four years ago. We were living in Asheville right after the G baby was born-young, scared, and so, so broke. So many moments I just wanted to make it through, instead of opening my eyes to every precious moment God gave me with my family.

Gabriel's first time down a slide, with a very young-looking Dada:

I'm humbled by the journey that God has laid out for me. And the old timers are right-they grow too fast.



Thursday, August 23, 2012

A morning.

My "getting ready in the morning" routine is kinda tricky (on the days I actually have to leave my house). Our day usually starts with the G baby coming in our room and waking my husband up, leaving me to sleep until baby Ari gets up so I get a little extra sleep after being up with her a few times in the night. (She's doing a bit better...but still not great.) It took FOREVER to get the G baby to stop coming to my side of the bed and waking ME up, but he's finally got it down. It still wakes me up every morning, but it's so cute to hear him come in and say, "wake up DAD! wake upppp DAD!!! ...Dad, you hear me?"
Ari usually wakes up within the hour, which puts us anywhere from 6:30-7:30. I nurse her (if I wasn't just up between 5:30-6 and already nursed her) and head upstairs for breakfast. 
After breakfast, here comes my window to work out. My husband and I take turns watching the kids and working out, although sometimes during this time frame Ari is ready for her first nap of the day, so she has to be nursed and then put down. 
I usually try to shower at night so if I have anywhere to go the next day I don't have the ordeal of dealing with finding time to take a shower and then drying my hair, but after doing my run and exercises, sometimes I really need a shower. But by this time, my partner is having to get ready to leave for school, or is already gone, so I kinda have to choose between working out or showering each morning if there is somewhere to go.
I have recently committed myself to making time to take a quick shower in the morning after working out, even if that means having the G baby have his morning snack in front of the T.V. and bringing Ari and her baby seat in the bathroom with me, which means peeking my head out every 2 seconds and conversing with her.
But there's still the hair. It's pretty embarrassing to leave the house with wet hair, but it takes a pretty long time to blow dry, which means I have to find something else to do with the kids. 
I am pretty proud of the below hairstyle, because I showered about 10 minutes before these pics were taken and figured out a way to style my wet hair without it looking too obvious.
I pulled it into a very high pony tail, leaving a small piece to wrap around the pony after I secure it with elastic. The trick is to use LOTS of hairspray on the little circle of hair after you wind it around but before you secure it with a bobby pin. Plus, wet hair is actually a plus for this one. 

 Top-Banana Republic
Shoes-Aerosoles via Piperlime
bracelets-Burlington Coat Factory
Earrings-made by me!

here's to showering every morning! cheers!


L pleated poppy

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Makeup Review: Maybelline ColorShow Nail Polish

I always love to hear what other (real) ladies have to say out there about certain beauty products before I invest! Buying a new makeup or skincare product might not sound like a big deal to some, but when you're on a really limited budget and have children, it is! Plus, it's such a bummer to spend money on a product and be disappointed.

I have recently tried the new Maybelline ColorShow Nail Polish in two different colors. I started with white and then decided that I needed to try another color before I could give it a fair review. The marketing for this product really got me, along with it's price-under $3, which is almost unheard of for any decent nail polish these days.

Please don't judge this polish by the poor paint job. Manicure skills-some ladies just have them, and some just don't. I'm a don't.
 Audacious Asphalt

Porcelain Party

I give this polish a 4 out of 5
The pros: 
-The biggest pro is that it dries SUPER fast, which is a must for me. It's tricky to find the right time to paint your nails with a 4-year-old and a baby. This stuff does not stay tacky very long at all, and dries completely in a couple of minutes. 
-It's cheap!
-The color selection-there are a ton of great colors.
-Reaches full opacity (but it takes 3 coats, not a big deal though since it dries so fast).
-easy to clean off of cuticles.
-removes easily with nail polish remover

The cons:
-Takes 3 coats to be opaque.

When I put that first coat of white on, my heart sank. It looked streaky and just plain bad. But after a couple more coats, the white looked awesome, and the gray was just as good. I recommend!



Friday, August 17, 2012

Life as Leah v.3

Our weekly happenings...

little black dress.

daughter time.

legging skirt combo.

sleepy, sleepy ladies.

big brown eyes.

This was the last week my husband will be home with us this summer, before he heads off to year 3 of pharmacy school. We're going to miss seeing his beautiful face around so much! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!



Thursday, August 16, 2012

First Date Night

We've recently cut out naps (finally) for our four-year-old G baby, and as a result have moved to an earlier bedtime. So now both babies are typically in bed by 7:30, leaving some much-needed quality time for me and the husband. While this usually means that we are lying in bed watching Breaking Bad or Mad Men on Netflix, a couple nights ago after we got the kids in bed, we had my mother-in-law 'babysit' while we went out to dinner. I left a bottle of expressed milk just in case Ari woke up hungry, but they both slept the entire time we were gone! 
We just hit up a local sports bar that has decent food (did I mention we live in the middle of nowhere) so that we wouldn't have to drive too far. As much as I wanted to break out a dress and heels, I knew I'd be more comfortable at this particular place by just going casual.

Shorts-vintage DIY cutoffs
Earrings-Urban Outfitters



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