Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrifty Thursday on this last day of June...

Hello everyone!
I know I haven't been posting much, but my husband and I have been knee deep in spiders, building supplies, and tools-we've been cleaning out the unfinished storage room in our basement so we can turn it into our exercise room. Seriously, google "Wolf Spider" and you will know what I am dealing with. Seriously, no exaggeration at all, these things are tarantula size.
That's one of the things I've noticed about marriage that I like though-before Eric, if you had given me the task of cleaning out a room like that, or staining our porch, or cleaning out the patio, I would have been like....pass! keep it dirty!!
But now I almost enjoy tackling challenges with our super-married-teamwork. I like working hard alongside my husband and then seeing the results of our sweat.
Minus the spiders!! The first day wasn't so bad because I didn't really see any monsters, but yesterday when I saw one that had a body that was probably an inch in diameter (it was dead, but still) I felt myself going a little green around the edges. I tried to keep moving stuff out but I think my husband noticed and told me to take a break, and then luckily the G baby woke up from his nap so I was done with my duties for the day.
here is my thrifty finds for you this week!

Okay first, my finds from Francesca's Collection. For those of you who don't know about this store, I am telling you now, yes you are hearing it here FIRST! jk. But really...I try hard to find online boutiques to share with you that are either new or just little-known. And this one is a GEM! Click on one of the links below the next four pictures to visit this store's website.

Windswept Skirt-Francesca's Collection $19.98

Jai Top-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Neutral Ways Bag-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Race Against Time Watch in Blue-Francesca's Collection $9.98

Final Destination Blue Skirt-Shop $27

Social Butterfly Blazer-Shop $42

Striped Sheath Skirt-Zara $29.99

Two-toned Skirt-Zara $19.99
TFNC Layered Chiffon Dress-Asos $24.13

Happy Shopping everyone!!



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Want it Wednesday Fourth of July Edition

Want it Wednesday Fourth of July Edition

Sandro vintage shirt
£145 -

Silk blouse
$50 -

BCBG Max Azria mini skirt
$53 -

Vix swimwear
$73 -

Kate spade shoes
$225 -

Vineyard Vines clutch handbag
$99 -

Amrita Singh antique gold ring
$100 -

Amrita Singh long earrings
$100 -

Costume jewelry
€50 -

Cuff bracelet
$14 -

Straw fedora
$29 -

virginia johnson pillow
$95 -

bebe Striped Satchel
$89 -

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Need some Neon (Outfit of the Day)

I am L-O-V-I-N-G the neon craze that is sparking through the world of fashion this summer. Not so convinced this trend is for you? That's cool...skip buying the lime green body-con skirt or the hot pink espadrilles. There are plenty of ways to dip your toe into this trend without having to actually jump in the water.

-Try a neon purple or pink lipstick. Seriously, if you haven't tried this yet, you really should. But don't dish out $18 to buy a high-end brand that you might end up never wearing. Go for the cheapies! One of my first blogs ever was about this fuschia lipstick that I bought for $2. See the post here.

-If you're really scared of this trend, your best bet is probably to try some nail polish. Hot pink, shocking blue, lime green, orange, or even yellow! See my post about my favorite neon polish here.

-A neon belt is another idea. It adds a pop of color without being overwhelming. I found a great one here.

-Jewelry of course, is another way to go. Bring a white tee to life with a neon beaded necklace. Or for a more playful twist, try a neon watch. I love this one at American Apparel. (and it's vintage!)

-If you're a sneaker fan, or just like to wear them for comfort, you can try this too-replace your white laces with some neon ones! I bought some hot pink ones to amp up my white and pink Nike classics, and I've had a lot of fun with them-I really wish I had thought of it sooner. I got my laces at Hibbett Sports, a local sport store, but if you google neon laces you can find a ton online.
 And then I made an outfit around my rockin' 'new' shoes!!
Pink Polo-Abercrombie & Fitch (from high school, lol!)
Purple chain necklace-Beamon Baubles (my etsy store)



Check out more outfits from real ladies at No Model Lady's link-up! (Click on the cute bow below)

Toddler Tuesday

 G baby,

Your dad and I wait with bated breath to see what you will be in this life. You give us glimpses of greatness that makes us wonder if maybe we have created the most ball'n mofo on this planet. Reality drags me down to think that every parent must think this about their child, but still we wonder. This morning you made a 'super vacumn-cleanahhh' using some plastic tubes we had in our junk closet and your dad was so impressed that you are already creating your own inventions (something near and dear to his heart, since he is somewhat of an inventor himself). For such a quiet baby, (squeals and coos were few and far between) you make a lot of noise now. You have a plethora of catchphrases that you like to throw out at maximum volume throughout your day-"BOOMSHACKALACKA!" (no earthly idea where that one came from), "LET'S ROLL MOMMY", "No DUuuuuuuDe!", "Ayah no like Yuuuuuuu", and of course, the always favorable, "ayah miss you so much mommy!" or "Ayah miss you so much daddy!" upon seeing us when we wake up in the morning.
You still have trouble putting your sentences together though, which I think is really cute. Instead of 'what are you doing Dada?' it's more like, "What Dada DOIN?"
Being so isolated out here in the country, you are still so wary of other people. When we're in line to checkout at a store and you are forced to be up close to someone, you usually mutter, "ayah no like people!" which is pretty embarrassing. I am pretty sure the Wal-mart checkout girl knows you are talking about her. Or, if there's a kid you want to approach and check out, you will always say, "Go with me mommy. go with me mommy."
One of the most heartbreaking parts of you being able to talk is me realizing how perceptive you are of others feelings, mostly my own. Whenever you ask me, "mommy sad?" when I think I am hiding it well or "mommy happy now?" when I cheer up some, it makes me realize  how many times you knew I was having a bad day when you were too little to talk, and I thought I could just trudge through with my mothering duties and you would never be the wiser. The beautiful part of that spectrum is when you tell me that your stuffed animals are nice because they have 'nice eyes', or a person in a story is mean because they have 'mean eyes'.
The other day we were just chillin in your room playing with some toys when you leaned your head on me and said, "mommy, ayah special good mommy...CUTE TOO!!" I think it's my favorite thing anyone has said to me.
Right now you are pretending to be our dog Miles, and making me throw a rubber ball for you so you can retrieve it by picking it up using your mouth and then bring it back to me to throw again. It's not sanitary and it's silly, but that's my G baby.

Love you,


Monday, June 27, 2011

My newest shopping find: Strut ! (Coupon code inside!)

One of the biggest reasons why I wanted to become a blogger is because of all the times I've found amazing stuff on the 'net and had no one to share it with. One of my favorite things to 'find' are online shops that I haven't known about before. So naturally, it's one of my favorite things to share with you guys. (Remember Bliss earlier this month?) Here is another great online shopping site for you guys to check out!!

Strut was started in Austin, TX and has three locations there and two more in Dallas and San Marcos, TX. I have seen pictures of their stores and they look RAD! I'm talking black and white zig-zag patterned chairs and little round tables full of glittering accessories. Their clothes have an almost vintage style to them, and their collection of shoes is vast and super-affordable. (The shoes are my favorite) Their pieces all have a little unexpected flair to them which makes  them unique-a lace insert in a tee, a ruffle on the shoulder of a tank, a cut-out back on a long sleeve know, just a little something that makes their pieces stand out.
You can check Strut's website out here, or see their facebook page here.
Here are some of my favorite of theirs:

                                                           Heart's Content Earrings-$12
I love these studs!

                                                             Around the Rosie Bracelets-$15
These bangles could instantly transform jeans and a plain white tee into a chic outfit.

                                                           Rouge Squadron Bag-$39
Studs done right

                                                           Going Coastal Espadrille-$32
the bow on these is too cute : )

                                                                      What You Fancy Heel-$32
Nude+platform+crisscross front=the longest and  sexiest your legs have ever looked!
                                                                    Without a Trace Sandal-$29
For me,  this is the perfect summer sandal. It's casual enough to wear with shorts but is also dressy enough for a dress. Since I'm a tall girl, I love that it gives me some sexy-leg with the color and wedge without adding 5 inches like most wedges.
                                                              Garden Path Dress-$45
                                                            Beauty and the Bow Top-$30
                                                              Marrakesh Dress-$45
                                                         Delightfully Khaki Jacket-$59
I almost always roll up my sleeves on whatever jacket or blazer that I'm wearing-this one has ruched sleeves so it's already ready to go! I also love the drape on the front.
                                                                  Neopolitan Top-$24
This top with white jeans and gold jewelry-casual and chic
                                                            Roman Holiday Dress-$45
This is probably my favorite Strut find-it's greek goddess-y but in a unique way. I love that it's flowy and etheral, but still has a shape via the tie waist. LOVE!

                                                  (All of the above images property of Strut)

And I have some great news for you guys-Strut was nice enough to let my readers in on a little special savings-if you see something you like at, you can enter the coupon code LIFEASLEAH and receive 20% off on your order!



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tili Bags (and giveaway)

Image courtesy of Tili Bags

In last month's issue of Instyle magazine, a certain product caught my eye, and I knew I had to find out more-Tili Bags!

Whenever I travel, I end up using about 7 or 8 different Ziploc baggies to throw stuff in-makeup, shampoo and stuff, Q-tips-you name it! On my recent beach trip, I had packed everything to cute little perfection in my favorite green suitcase and my new makeup bags-and I realized that the Ziplocs were completely cramping my style. The founder and owner of Tili bags and I must be kindred spirits because she came out with these-
Image courtesy of Tili bags


Yes, those ARE super-cute printed reusable zip & seal baggies that you are looking at. Tili bags! It's like they were made for me.
Tili bags come in adorable little cardboard boxes of 12, with 4 each of three different designs, all in the same color palette. They have large one gallon sizes, and small one quart sizes, either box will cost you less than $10, which I couldn't believe when I first found out the price. The colors and patterns are rich, vibrant, and so cute. Tili bags can be used for about a zillion and a half different things-to carry makeup, toiletries, loose change, jewelry, snacks, or even a small stash of diapers for your diaper bag or car. (I just had a few loose diapers rolling around in my car since I don't carry a diaper bag anymore now that G baby is older. Now that G baby is a big boy I am going to stash some clean undies and shorts in a tili bag and keep them in my glove box!) Every bag even has a "A tili bag for..." printed in a little box, which makes them awesome for gift bags!
Here's me, in a daze of chic and functional
Wherever I travel, I bring a stash of cotton balls and Q-tips in a ziploc bag. Never will my bathroom bag be dull and boring again.
Another thing about Tili that I love, is their website-it's so fun and cute. They have the most adorable little introduction page and even the list of uses for the bags is done in a really chic and unique way. You should really check it out! You can also check out their facebook page hereI received my Tili bags yesterday, and I have already been putting them to good use!

I also always keep certain toiletries in bags as well-since they tend to leak. I fit everything I would need in one bag with room to spare-shave cream, face soap, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

If you have a leak, just rinse the bag out, let it dry, and use it again. Not only does the print on the bags give you some privacy, but the material is thick enough that you can open the bag and it will keep it's shape-making setting it out to dry easy!

Another great use I found was to stash my bangles and bracelets in it when I travel-instead of just throwing them in my suitcase because they're too big for my travel jewelry case. Oops.

If you carry a large purse-Tili bags are a must! Your on-trend purse is the last place you want to bring down with a bunch of plain plastic baggies!

I put all of my makeup that I carry in my purse in a Tili bag-no more makeup spills or messes grossing up my purse! Yay!!

I love these bags so much that I have chosen to make them the subject of my first give-away. Yes, that means one of you is soon going to have your own box of chicness.
Here is how you can enter:
1. Visit Tili bags website HERE
and leave me a comment on this post about which of the three color combos that you like the best!

yep, that's all!
This is my first giveaway so I am going to keep it simple-one week, one entry per person! Good luck!

Special thanks to Roseanne from Tili bags for all the awesome help!

Nautical Blazer refashion tutorial!

What's up readers!!! : )
I hoped to get this up earlier but we spent all day pre-G baby naptime outside enjoying our nicely cleaned patio!! It was a nasty job, but it actually took Eric and I much less time than I expected...I also thought we'd run into some snakes during our cleaning, but surprisingly no-just a tree frog, lizard, and quite a few toads.
Anyways, here is a great way to re-fashion an old or outdated blazer, or just give one some pizazz. I have seen so many cute nautical-looking blazers out there, but the vintage ones on Ebay seem to sell out so quick, and new ones are pretty expensive-which is pretty much how it is with any kind of really neat embellishment. If you're dying for a cute navy or white gold-buttoned blazer to achieve a preppy summertime look, CHECK THIS OUT-take any blazer from a thrift store, ebay, etc., and replace it's buttons with some gold ones (or pearl, or jeweled button, whatever you want-I definitely plan to jazz up some of my cardigans this same with but with jeweled buttons).

Nautical Blazer Re-fashion
All you need is:
Needle and Thead, Gold Buttons (I got mine at Wal-mart)

Step One: Remove one button using either a seam ripper or scissors. (I had to use scissors because my trusty seam-ripper that I've had since my Clothing and Design class in high school finally bit the dust) Remove only one button at a time so you won't lose sight of where the buttons need to go.

Step Two: Line up your new button and sew it on! (If you need instructions, here is a video.

Step Three: Repeat with the remaining buttons until you are finished! 
And now you have a fashionable nautical-styled blazer instead of your boring old one! This is especially great for any blazer/cardigan you have that you have lost a button for-don't sweat about finding a perfect match, (unless of course you're in love with that particular button) just replace them all with something better!

                                                                   Me in my stylin' new blazer!

To check out more great DIY and tutorials, check these links out!