Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Matching mommy g-baby pedicures

Well...I have been trying to de-winterize my feet lately (you know what I'm saying...help them look presentable after they've spent a whole nasty winter hiding in boots) and it was time for a pedicure. I was trying to get it done after working out so I didn't have to shove my newly pedicured feet into my sneakers for my morning treadmill run and risk screwing them up, but before naptime just in case I myself needed a nap too (because who wants to take a nap with their feet hanging out of the covers, not me!) So, I was trying to put a couple coats on in-between playing with dinosaurs in Gabriel's room. He always wants me to 'talk' for the stegosaurus, which he has dubbed the mommy dinosaur. And God forbid, I pause and get out of character for any reason, such as to take a sip of my coffee or get up to answer the phone. He will literally yell, "more talk mommy!" and sometimes even throw the stegosaurus in my general direction. If I step out of the room (to get the phone for instance) I almost step on the dinosaur coming back in because he has apparently thrown it towards the door in my absence. If I am in the room, sometimes he will throw it at ME, which actually kind of works in my favor because then I get to say, "Sorry Gabriel, you threw a toy at Mommy which isn't nice, so now you are going to time out and we are not playing dinosaurs anymore." And I am free to live my life and stop using a falsetto mommy-dinosaur Stegosaurus voice for a couple hours.
So...today, when I stop to paint my nails, this is what happens:
Agree to let him in on the fun. Mommy and baby pinkberry pedicure. : )

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