Thursday, April 14, 2011

Outfit of the Day: To Dye for!

 Sorry I haven't posted yet today, my boy is sick :( We actually had to take him to the doctor, it's just a sinus infection, but sucks he has to take antibiotics...he's not letting it bring him down though, he's currently riding his 'motorcycle' (tricycle) and chasing our dog Miles around the house.

Well...I got my coveted tie-dyed piece for this Spring. And I made it myself!!! I found a tie-dye kit in Wal-mart for $10, that included everything you need from the rubber bands to the dyes and bottles. And it came with three colors-lime green, turquoise, and hot pink!!! I used the green and turquoise, but haven't used the pink yet. I gathered up all the outcast white clothing from my closet-things that had either gotten discolored previously or were too see-through to wear. This shirt was totally sheer and I literally have never worn it (I did get it on clearance). Now, I love it!!

I love wearing white-on-white with gold accessories. You can't really see them, but I have some big filigree gold hoops on-some of my fav earrings!

I also tie-dyed this bikini I got from Victoria's Secret. I have worn it to lay outside at my house but never worn it in public-because you could see......well....everything on bottom! The tie-dye helps disguise all the stuff that shows I have another bathing suit to wear at the beach. If you have bought a white bathing suit but haven't been brave enough to wear it due to see-through issues, get a tie-dye kit!!

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