Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hard candy : Eye Def shadow

This is my review for an eye shadow that I saw raved about in a magazine the other day and decided to try-Hard Candy's Eye Def liquid sparkle shadow. Hard Candy is a brand that is carried by Wal-mart (not sure where else you can find it) and what I have kind of deemed a poor girl's Urban Decay-in that it's funky and unique makeup, but instead of running around $20-30 a piece like Urban Decay, it is more around $6-7.
This is the second piece of Hard Candy that I have bought (I bought an eyeliner from them a couple years ago, it was ok) and I am not really sure what to think. I really like the idea of this shadow-a tube of sparkly liquid eyeshadow that you simply swipe across your lid:

 The fact that this stuff is liquid also gives you a very dramatic effect that is hard to achieve with powder eyeshadows. The pros are: this stuff is pretty cheap...quick and easy to you a very dramatic look for going out, and actually washed off pretty easily, which is a problem I run into with some sparkly eyeliners I have tried in the past.
The cons are...well...this stuff doesn't blend easy, and kind of flakes off on the rest of your face. Now, granted, I just tried it on real quickly at home, so there might be a lot of things you can do to remedy these issues. One idea I thought about later is that I should have applied a similar-color powder shadow to my lids first so there wouldn't be a dramatic line of 'wow sparkly shadow-naked lid', since this stuff is hard to blend. Also, a lot of different eyeshadows tend to fall/flake onto the rest of your face, and there's a ton of stuff you can do to fix this problem such as: gently remove with a tissue...apply eyeshadow first and then your foundation/blush/etc. after, or even use a piece of tape to roll across your face where the shadow has flaked and remove (kind of like a lint brush hehe).
So...all in all...this stuff might take some working with to get right, but it definitely looks great on! I will keep you posted once I work with it more and figure out how to get the kinks worked out...

You can see in this picture how I tried to blend near the top and it just didn't really work...but like I said, maybe if you applied powder first, or even after?

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Christa said...

i LOVE hard candy makeup! i also love your blog. found you through jazmyns young mom link up. im your newest stalker ;) btw.. you are GORGEOUS