Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Military Chic

Very excited to link up with Pretty Shiny Sparkly for another Bloggers Do It Better challenge! To check out the link-up, click here!

Pretty Shiny Sparkly

I don't have a huge amount of clothes that reflect the military trend, and some of the tops with shoulder epaulet accents that I do have are already too short for my growing tummy! But I do have an awesome wool military coat, and also a cute little short military jacket. Here goes!

Coat-Victoria's Secret

See my little buddy peeking out of the door?
  As much as I like the way this coat looks, a word of warning to you guys. I am pretty sure that Victoria's Secret still offers this coat online, but DO NOT BUY IT! I have sewed on each and every of these gold buttons myself, as they all fell off! Every time I would wear it, I would have at least one button fall off. Ugh!

 Jacket-Lord and Taylor (altered myself!)
Metallic shirt-Victoria's Secret



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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures of the Day: The Many Faces of G baby



                                                           Surprised but not that surprised




                                                                           Very excited!


                                 Not one of his many faces, but a good pic of some Mommy cuddles.



Sunday, November 13, 2011

Leah's Fab Finds Under Fifty

So here's the stuff on the web this week that I'm drooling over, all under $50...

Rain Heels? As in these cute heeled booties are meant to be worn IN THE RAIN? Yes, sign me up.

Rust Blazer
I think the tailoring on this jacket is pretty boss, especially considering the price!
La Posh Style-$48.99

Image of Emella Sequin Skirt
I think a blush pink is one of the prettiest shades for sequins!

Nordic Hi-Low Cover Up
Love this cuddly Nordic cardigan.
Charlotte Russe-$26.99

Knit Bow Fingerless Gloves
The other day, while browsing through Urban Outfitter's website, I saw these beautiful fingerless gloves that I was completely enamored with-for $26! These are just as cute and unique, but wayyyyy cheaper. Win!
Charlotte Russe-$7.50

Theater District Green Dress     Theater District Green Dress
The color of this dress is just gorgeous. I also think the back could be really sexy...they actually show on the website that you can wear the dress reversed-with the back as the front and the front as the back. And it actually looks really good on the model-though would be only for the really brave (and flat chested).

Twinkle Oxford
These are probably my favorite this week. Sequin oxfords in a sophisticated color palette? I also love that their shape is a little less bulky and therefore more lady-like. I seriously hope my husband is reading this. I love you Eric face, your wife is a size 8 1/2!!
Francesca's Collection-$38



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I Must Have Lost My Mind

I must have lost my mind...that's what I think everytime I take the G baby shopping, just the two of us. Yesterday we went to the GINORMOUS mall in Charlotte to do some Christmas shopping. The first problem begins with the fact that it takes me an hour to drive to the closet mall...so when we start out, the G baby is tired and bored. The second issue of course, is taking a three-year-old to a huge mall and expect him to stay close by and not get abducted and/or destroy everything in the store. 
I'd be really curious to know how some of you deal with your kids while shopping. We have never really used a stroller-I even sold mine at a yard sale about a year ago. It just seemed like I always ended up holding the G baby and trying to push my heavy stroller with one hand. Now that he's older, I am really wishing for a stroller again, as I can really only hold him for about ten minutes at a time without crying in pain-he's almost 40 pounds!

Here's what I wore, trying to plan on being as comfortable as possible. There's nothing wore than chasing after a toddler and worrying about if you're showing buttcrack or not!

Blazer-The Limited
Tank-Victoria's Secret
Jeans-Victoria's Secret
Necklace-surf shop at Emerald Isle, NC

Eating a slice of pizza like a pro-in the food court. A cheese slice from Sbarro is my go-to food court food.

We did a lot while we were there-we stayed for around 4 hours! And I did actually get some shopping done...but the G baby got the better end of the deal. 
He talked me into riding the little train around the mall...

We went and saw the giant catfish at the Bass Pro Shop...which totally freaked me out. Fish shouldn't be allowed to get that large. 

He also played with a toy train in the Learning Store for about thirty minutes...scored two tiny dinosaurs from a quarter machine, played in the mall's play yard and made a friend (he stuck his hand out and said, "nice meet you" to this other little boy) and had some popcorn for a snack. And even though we did all that fun stuff, I went the whole day without buying him anything-something I'm trying to work on. I realize that it's important that he doesn't 'get' something everytime we go to a store, but I'm as bad as he is-he'll find something and ask for it, and I'm always like..."whoa! It's like they made that tiny tractor just for you-yeah you can get it." We do have a rule about whining though-if he starts whining, whatever he has picked out goes back. For instance, he wanted a tube of blue and white Christmas ornaments that he saw the other day and since they were cheap and a lot of our ornaments didn't survive younger G baby the past couple of years, I said okay. But when he picked up another color scheme tube as well and said he wanted both, I told him he could only get one and he would have to choose. He became angry and started whining, so I made him put both back. It's just too easy to give your child what they want to get them to start whining-which of course leads to more whining in the future. I try really hard to avoid this, but apparently it's impossible to stop the whining problem completely.
Anybody else have any good tricks/advice for taking their toddlers in public??



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Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Perfect Errand Outfit

When I don't really have time to think about what I'm going to wear but still want to look pulled-together and cute, here's my recipe:
 Black skinny jeans+
black tank or scoopneck tee+
colorful scarf+
pearl or rhinestone stud earrings+
boyfriend watch!

 "I think it should go dis way mom!"
 Jeans-Walmart (stretchy waistband for the pregasaurus rex)
Tank-The Limited
"Wait...how did you say to wear this thing again G baby?"



Momma Go Round

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Makeup Reviews and finally an Outfit of the Day!

Sweater-The Limited
Jeans-Victoria's Secret

AND...I tried out some new makeup! You are looking at:
Revlon Nail Enamel in Plum Seduction
L'oreal HIP Metallic Shadow in Charged
Rimmel Moisture Renew Cream Lipgloss in Cherry Boost

Here's a couple pictures of me wearing both the shadow and the gloss.

 This is the second shade of Moisture Renew gloss I have tried (I have it in Fuchsia Therapy) and I still love it. It is moisturizing and NOT sticky or gummy. This color isn't quite as punchy as the fuchsia but gives a nice natural-looking red tint to my lips. I'd give it out of stars.

 The HIP eyeshadows are a little pricey for my taste-around $8 for only two colors. BUT...I think they're generally worth it. These two brown shades are warm and very flattering on, with a high color payout. I used both shades on my eyes, just kind of blended together. This is probably my most favorite eyeshadow I have purchased from the drugstore brand realm. I would give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars, because as much as I like them, I did notice the shadow had faded a bit after about 5 hours.
Revlon nail enamel is one of my favorite bottles to purchase. It dries quickly and isn't a thick and gummy formula like I find most Sally Hansen to be. This shade was a little bit pinker than it looked in the bottle, which for me was kind of a negative. It's a cute color though, and I only needed two coats, which is awesome. 3 out of 5 stars.



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