Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day: How to make shorts and a tee look cute, not sloppy

Some days you just have to do it...throw on some jean shorts and a t shirt and go! Here's a couple ideas on how to make this look cute instead of just plain sloppy.

Tip #1: One word: ACCESSORIES!!! Adding a light-weight scarf instantly pulls this look together. A belt also helps, as well as simple jewelry.
Tip #2: Consider your t-shirt. Sure, a t-shirt can be acceptable to wear out in public, but think about which one you should wear before just throwing one on. A mostly plain tee (in this pic, mine is white with "Daytona Beach" printed in neon pink, orange, and green letters) (I got in on my honeymoon) works best.
Tip #3: Don't wear flip-flops!!! I was watching the show "What Not to Wear" once and heard the host Stacy London tell a makeover-subject that flip-flops are never okay to wear out in public, unless you are at the beach. Fresh out of high school at the time, that little piece of advice took me aback. I lived in flip-flops, and so did all the girls I knew! (Of course, I also lived at the beach-attending college at UNC-Wilmington) I thought that was a pretty nose-in-the-air rule, but then I thought about it. Flip flops are kinda sloppy...and high-schoolish. Sure, they're comfortable, but so are soooo many of cute, grown-up, sandals out there.
So I won't say that you shouldn't ever flip-flops...but I will say that if you want to wear something that is already super-casual such as shorts and a t-shirt, YOU SHOULDN'T WEAR FLIP-FLOPS with it!! Try some sandals...or if you're feeling super-preppy, a pair of oxfords or loafers.
Tip #4: Throw on some lipstick. Chances are, if you are resorting to throwing on some shorts and a tee and heading out the door, you are in a hurry. You might not have had time for make-up either, and that's okay! Some days you just can't do it all. BUT, throwing on some fuschia lipstick will instant rev-up your look and make you seem more put together and fashionable. Extra points if you can swipe on some mascara and powder your nose too ; )

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