Monday, April 11, 2011

Extremely interesting...dinosaurs in the Bible?

So I've briefly mentioned it, but really elaborated on it, (since this is mainly a fashion/beauty blog) but I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. To grow in my faith, I have committed myself to reading at least a page of my bible a day. It's not that I never read out of my bible before, but it was always just random passages at a time, so I wasn't really sure if I've read the whole book through at least once or not. I think it's been about 5 months or so since I've been reading it every day, and man have I found some interested stuff in there. I strongly urge any of you who are followers of Christ, or even those of you interested in religion in general to really make an effort to read all of the bible, even if it takes you a very long time. Of course there are passages that are less than page-turning exciting, but so much of it is actually very interesting.
Today I found one of the most interesting passages yet...I have it highlighted so I know I must have read it before, but I can't believe this is something I forgot about...
I have often heard people refute the Bible as the word of God because of so many discrepancies between what it says and what science can prove. One of the big issues I have heard about (and have wondered about myself, since my son is so obsessed with dinosaurs) is why would God completely leave out these creatures that fossils PROVE exist? I didn't have an answer for this, but reading through the book of Job today, I found mention of something that I believe could very possibly be talking about dinosaurs:

"Behold, Behemoth,
which I made as I made you;
he eats grass like an ox.
Behold, his strength in his loins,
and his power in the muscles of his belly.
He makes his tail stiff like cedar;
the sinews of his thighs are knit together.
His bones are tubes f bronze,
his limbs like bars of iron.
He is the first of the works of God,
let him who made him bring near his sword!"
Job 40:15-19
"Behold, if the river is turbulent he is not frightened;
he is confident though Jordan rushes against his mouth.
Can one take him by his eyes,
or pierce his nose with a snare?"
Job 40:23-24

Further in Job, there is also mention of a 'Leviathan', which also sounds like some sort of dinosaur. Historical research has not provided an identity for either of these animals.

Just thought I would share this, because I found it so interesting...what do you think?

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Anonymous said...

that's so cool Leah! We're doing a really big series right now at church on how God doesn't disprove science. I don't know where you stand on the whole creation vs. evolution argument, but my husband being a pastor and us working at a church, we get asked about this alot. We personally lean toward evolution. I think the biggest thing about it is to realize that it doesn't matter so much how it happened but to realize that God made it happen. It's been a pretty interesting thing to think about!