Thursday, June 21, 2012


Last year, when I was doing a little Christmas shopping, I picked up this dress for $9.99 at the Burlington Coat factory. It is soooo soft and the draping is very forgiving. Also I can throw it in the washer and dryer and not worry about ruining it.
I wore it while I was pregnant...
and now it's great because it's stretchy and therefore not a problem with my 15 lbs. heavier body right now. It's SUPER hot outside this week and it's a huge bummer to not be able to fit into any of my shorts.
 Another awesome score I made...these wedges, for $4.99, also at Burlington Coat Factory. I really hate going in that store because it is so messy and disorganized that it makes me feel like a crazy person, but really sometimes it is worth the effort.

 And I'm rocking some handmade jewelry (by me!) I still really love making jewelry, and I might open my Etsy store back up one day. For now it's just too expensive, and plus my little Leah spirit gets sad when nothing sells :( I know Etsy is a HUGE selling community and it just takes time...but still. :(
 Baby A got restless during the shoot and had to be picked I'm trying to make her smile, because she smiles now!



Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Yay for another Bloggers Do It Better Challenge with Pretty Shiny Sparkly!! We actually went to a local park to shoot some pics with me rockin my coral and mint, and it was an adventure teetering around on my platform leopard print wedges with G baby and teeny baby Ari.

 This 'vegan leather' jacket was a Mother's Day gift from my husband. It is so soft and comfy due to the stretchy side panels and I really really love it.
 Baby girl is passsssssssssssed out. You can see G baby's elbow stuck out where he is hiding from the camera. He's going through  'no photograph me' phase. sigh.
 So...I want to excuse myself for the slightly awkward fit of this skirt. Long story short I have squeezed my currently medium sized booty into this size xsmall skirt because it's the only mint piece I own and I really wanted to participate in the Bloggers Do It Better's definitely on the small side, which made it less of an a-line skirt and more of a clinging-to-my-butt skirt. whatevs!

Coral tank-Target
Wedges-Target (yes, a lot of Target this outfit, lol)

And look who else wore their coral...hehe!!

Poor baby Ari is experiencing a very bat bout of baby acne at the moment :( But she still precious!!

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L pleated poppy

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cheap Monday

 This t-shirt by Cheap Monday is literally the most impressive tee that I have ever owned. It's extremely light-weight but not see-through, no matter what bra (or nursing pads) I wear. Most of you ladies know how rare that is, and for me, it's so annoying when I have to try on five different bras with a shirt to see what isn't going to show through. The length is also awesome, long enough to wear with leggings and mostly cover my butt, and short enough not to look totally stupid with shorts. You can buy Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal, Asos, and probably a few other places, just google search it.

 T-shirt: Cheap Monday at Urban Outfitters
Boyfriend shorts: made by me, you can see my tutorial here.
Booties: Macy's
 I like to 'dress up' my tees with a slightly excessive amount of eyeliner. Mostly because I like any excuse to wear excessive eyeliner. It's a habit I try to break but I just can't.

In honor of Father's Day, I am wearing a Saint Joseph metal necklace, the patron saint for fathers. I bought it for my husband wayyy back in the day.
Feather Earrings-Urban Outfitters

bracelets: Wal-mart (two are actually hair ties)
Rings: vintage family jewels

Happy Father's Day!!



pleated poppy

Monday, June 4, 2012


So I'm sitting here working on my 'Outfit of the Day' post and I can hear Gabriel in the other room lying to my husband about taking his pack of gum.
During G baby's nap, when my husband asked me if I'd seen the pack of gum that he had lying on our pool table near his wallet, I had a faint memory of the G baby asking me earlier today if he could have some of his Dad's gum and I told him that he would have to ask his Dad since it wasn't mine to give. It didn't take us long to figure out that we should look in G baby's room, so I snuck in there while he was sleeping, and lo and behold, there it was lying hidden underneath one of his toys on his bookshelf.
Once Gabriel got up from his nap, it went like this:
Eric: "Hey G Monkey, have you seen my gum?"
G baby: "uh...I think I no took it..."
Eric: "Oh no, no, I didn't ask if you took it or anything, just have you seen it around anywhere?"
G baby: "think it's near your clothes...think I no took it..."
Eric: "near my clothes, huh?"
G baby: "I look in my room...but I think I no took it."

He already knows it's not okay to lie, but it's not something that comes up very often. Plus, it's hard to tell when a 3-year-old is purposely being deceitful, or when he is just remembering something wrong, such as saying he didn't have macaroni and cheese for lunch, when he really did. But this is just downright lying, as you can tell from him automatically saying that he didn't take it. I might just hide in here and nurse the baby and let my husband handle it!

Anyways...I wore this to run errands earlier this morning (we got Ari's official birth certificate!) These are my $12 Wal-mart pants that I bought while pregnant that I will continue to rock until I can squeeze into more of my jeans/shorts. They're super comfy!

In the picture below it looks like I am enjoying a refreshing early summer breeze. I think it was actually mid-hair shake. But anyways...I'm sorry that some of these pictures are kind of awkward, we only got a few shots before the wee one woke up from her nap and started making noise on the monitor.
bracelets-Forever21 and Wal-mart
This is what happens when my hair does its own thing with turns about three different colors and gets bleached out in places by the sun. We'll see what color it is by the end of the summer! (Who am I kidding myself, I think I'm baby-bound indoors for the next couple months :( )



ps...sounds like my husband finally weaseled the truth out of G baby out there...maybe it's safe to leave my room? pleated poppy