Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bad hairday fix: Try a chic side braid!

Here is another one of my many go-tos for when my hair is looking wack. Yes...I know most of my hair tips are not really about how to make your hair look fabulous but how to disguise the fact that it is looking less than fabulous-but hey, that's the life of a young mother! Braids of any kind are great when you're having a bad hair day, but a side braid is my favorite-it keeps the braid looking chic and not frumpy.
Here's what I started with-a baddddddd case of bedhead:
 Using either hairspray or dry shampoo, spray at your roots and just tease with your hands by rubbing your palms on your scalp. Next, take a section of hair from the front and bobby pin it in place, (If you have thick hair, feel free to use more than one bobby pin) as seen below:
 Next, sweep up the side of your hair opposite of the side where you plan on doing your braid, and bobby pin it in place.

 Gather your hair to the other side, and braid, starting low, at the base of your hairline.

 If you are growing your hair out, or just have dry hair and like to use leave-in conditioner, this is a great time to do it! I like to condition my hair with herbal essences leave-in conditioner, but most leave-ins make my hair feel kind of sticky, so I don't like to put it in when I am wearing my hair down. I slathered this over my braid, which will not only benefit my hair but also help keep the braid from fraying during the day.
As you can see on the celebrities below, these side-braids are everywhere! And it's a look that you don't have to perfect to wear-the messier, the better!

 Side-braids are also great for an evening look. To add more drama, just tease your hair more before bobby pinning, to create volume on top like Rachel's (above).

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