Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outfit of the Day

This is my attempt to re-create a look that I really liked that I found in a recent J. Crew catalog that I received in the mail. If you are low on outfit ideas, looking in your favorite clothing catalogs or magazines is a great idea. Sometimes it's not so much the pieces that appeal to you, but the way they are put together. A lot of times you can wear things that you already have in your closet in a totally new way. Unless I had seen that outfit in the catalog, I would have never thought to wear these three pieces together like this!

Express mini skirt
Long sleeve printed top from forever21.com-$13
Jersey blazer from Wal-mart (I got this on clearance for $5!!!) I love jersey blazers because they look structured but are really comfortable and not near as restricting as your every day blazer.
If you re-create this look, make sure that you can see the edge of your sleeves from the long sleeve shirt peeking out from the sleeves of your blazer-it really helps tie the pieces together, since they are all so different.

1 comment:

Stephanie Franklin said...

I love this outfit girl! You look like Olivia Palermo from "The City". I love that you found this blazer on clearence too! It's a good thing to look for deals--especially ones that you can mix and match! LOOOOVE!!!