Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Our Paradise

Let’s get back to our paradise
Where the breeze gently cools all except our intertwined hands
The sky with its shades of midnight and melon
The perfect time of evening
The perfect time for finding everything you never knew you’d been waiting for-
The perfect time to start an epic love story.
It’s been long hours and so many nights of scattered sleep
Arguments laced with poisoning resentment
It’s no one’s fault, it’s just this acidic-saccharine life
But there’s a place where we’ve been and where we go
Where the sovereignty of love secures us in concert
And the melody is playful
 but the steady pulse of the bass is a potent reminder
of partners side-by-side, eyes shut hard and teeth gritted
Bracing for the ebb and flow of this uncertain world together
Swimming against the undertow-floating when we have to
So far from the security of the sands on the shore
But always we return-
the water evaporating from our sun-warmed shoulders
Once again in our paradise.

-L. Beamon

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