Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spiced chicken and couscous

This is a simple and healthy recipe that I made for dinner earlier this week. It was my first time making it, and it was a hit!! You will need:

A package of chicken breasts or chicken breast tenderloins, and the following spices to rub on them:

Olive oil, salt and pepper, paprika, and cumin
 A box of couscous, a large tomato, a fresh lemon or lemon juice, and sugar snap peas (I use the steamable ones)
 Fresh basil (you can substitute dried basil)
Okay, first, rub your chicken on both sides with the spices, and cook it on medium heat for approximately twenty minutes, flipping halfway through. I just eyeballed the spices...just make sure you use the cumin sparingly, because it has a very powerful flavor.
While your chicken is cooking, make the couscous according to the directions on the box.
 Tear the basil leaves into pieces and throw them in!

If you are using microwavable sugar snap peas, microwave them and then slice them into thirds. If you are using any other kind of sugar snap peas, you're going to have to google how to cook them bad boys. And then slice them into thirds, lol.
Dice your tomato and throw it and the sliced peas into the couscous.
Add a generous amount of lemon juice, and stir!
Have your husband slice your chicken into pieces, or do it yourself ; ) Eric may not know how to cook yet, but the man sure knows how to slice and dice!! (Seriously, he dices tomatoes and onions like a pro)
Put some of the couscous mixture in a bowl, and top with some of the chicken.

Even Gabriel loved it! He kept saying, 'GREEN BALLS, MORE GREEN BALLS!!' (slicing the snap peas makes the peas fall out of the pod, which is great entertainment for toddlers)

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