Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pretty monochromatic makeup for day

Summer is fast approaching, and if you've recently been getting some sun (I have been outside everyday playing with the G baby) it's the perfect time to try this monochromatic makeup look. Basically, you use the same color all over your face-on your eyes, cheeks, and lips.
Here is what I used:

Covergirl cheekers bronzer, rockabilly brown sparkly eyeliner by jordana, covergirl brow and eye pencil in soft brown, and wet and wild lipstick in 549A.

First, I started with foundation, to even out my skin. I skipped powder, so my skin would look more dewy.
The first step is to lightly fill in your brows, to give them a great shape. When your brows are well-groomed and shaped, it really changes your whole face. This color of soft brown pencil will work on ANYONE'S brows-from blonde to black. I swear!! To fill in your brows, make tiny, quick vertical swipes in any areas where it needs it.
You can see the difference-my right brow has been filled in, and the left one hasn't!! Next, use your finger to apply the bronzer to your lids. I use a finger instead of brush because bronzer doesn't go on as smoothly or dark as eyeshadow, so my finger allows me to get more on.
 Apply on lids, and in and a little above your crease, as seen below.
 Eyeshadow done!!
 Next, I applied the eyeliner to my top and bottom lashlines, winging out a little bit at the ends.
You can see that the liner is only a little bit darker than bronzer, so it gives a little definition but is still pretty monochromatic.
 Next, apply bronzer from here, to there (see below)
Use what is left on the brush to dust on the sides of your forehead, and down the bridge of your nose.

 Finish with the brown lipstick. I swiped Carmex, (my bff) over my lips first, so the lipstick would go on smooth, and also be kind of sheer.


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Meticulous Mom said...

Pretty awesome. I'm always scared of coppery lipsticks, though.