Monday, December 17, 2012

Life as Leah v. 6

 G baby eating Thanksgiving dinner by himself.

 Who dis drawn on my baby head?

 Vintage Tommy makes me feel fierce. By vintage, I mean I've had this since 9th grade, lol.

 Gabriel took this picture of Ars.


 How the Beamons do Belk.

 Pajama time.

 Towel cocoon.

 Trying to get a smile from the cocoon...

Daddy's girl.




Tuesday, December 11, 2012

F You November

I'll spare you guys the sob story and simply say that last month was AWFUL for my family and I. Between horrible sicknesses and financial troubles, I'm just going to have to say a big F YOU to the month of November and be done with it. Hence the absence. 

Sweater-Burke's Outlet
Purse-Zirna Kabete for Target
Bracelet and Necklace-Forever 21

Here's to you, December! Please don't let me down!!


L pleated poppy