Thursday, March 10, 2011

A girl and her buff puff

Remember those days in high school when you had to worry about your skin breaking out right before prom, or a big date, or pretty much every day? I don't...because for some reason, I didn't have a problem with acne back then. My first two years of college (okay...also my only two years of college so far, hehe) I used to go to bed without even washing my makeup off!! With no problems!! But I didn't escape the evils of skin break-outs now it is one of my BIGGEST problems. It started when I got pregnant, which I feel is probably pretty normal...but it has continued to be a problem ever since. Needless to say, when your skin isn't looking it's best, it really sucks. So I have tried EVERYTHING to get my skin looking good again, and though I still have my breakouts here and there, in general, I have figured some things out that have really made it improve.

1. BUFF PUFF...I literally remember being five years old and my grammy Gervasi telling me to use a buff puff. Considering she smells better than anyone I know, has the softest skin, and might have literally been the first woman to get breast implants, I tend to take her beauty advice seriously. Pictured above is my 'off-brand' buff-puff...but I usually get the real thing. They can be hard to find (wal-mart doesn't carry them) but most drugstores have them in stock. Do not buy the knock-offs from wal-mart...they fall apart in less than week, BUT some drug-stores have really great knock-offs that work fine and are much cheaper than the actual brand name. I recommend using your buff-puff with your regular face soap (Just work the soap onto the puff into a lather) and use it only twice a week. It does some serious exfoliating, so you don't want to use it too often. (Also...note that you need to replace your buff-puff monthly to avoid bacteria buildup)

2. F*#@K Proactive. I am not saying it doesn't work at all...but I am saying out of the things I have tried, it was the most expensive, and definitely not the most affective. There really IS no miracle cure for normal acne...and it offends me that they market it that way. There are much cheaper and better ways to deal with your skin...please don't go the proactive route.

3. If you use your cell phone really often...wipe the screen regularly with a antibacterial wipe. Bacteria can build on the screen and since you're holding it to your face so much it can really do some damage.

4. On that note...wash your towels and pillowcases at LEAST once a week in a hot water cycle. For any towel that you dry or wipe your face with, use a clean one at least every other day. I saw this tip in a magazine and thought...oh geez, I really hope it's not because I am using dirty towels that my face is breaking out (GROSS!!!!!)...but then I tried it...and it helped.

5. Even if your skin is oily...use a moisturizer daily (just make sure it's oil-free). And don't wash your face more than twice a day...your skin produces natural oils, and if those oils are constantly stripped, your face will just produce MORE oil.

6. If you really have a problem with acne...I have one word for you when it comes to choosing makeup. NONCOMEDOGENIC. This means it will not aggravate your skin or block your pores. A lot of mineral makeup is noncomedogenic, and there are affordable options at wal-mart and drugstores, such as physician's formula.

7. Drink lots of water...and if you're really motivated, take Biotin. Biotin is a skin/hair/nails vitamin and it's pretty cheap, around $5 a bottle. I have been taking it for years, and although I can't say for sure if it helps your skin, I KNOW it keeps your hair healthy.


Crystal said...

i was literally JUST thinking about trying out proactiv...thanks for the heads up! do you know much about bare minerals make-up? i thought i'd give that a try. also, any suggestions for a good face wash? your blog is super cute, keep up the amazing work :)

crystal t

Life as Leah said...

I am not saying proactive doesn't clear up acne...but it definitely didn't do any miracles for me...I think what works so great about proactive is that the face wash also exfoliates because it has this stuff in it that feels like tiny sand crystals, and exfoliating is a MUST, especially if you have blackheads. There are a ton of much cheaper products out there that exfoliate...or you can just use a regular face wash and a buff-puff. I switch face soaps a lot, because honestly I am still looking for that perfect one...but I would recommend Neutrogena daily face wash (it comes in a clear plastic bottle w/a pump, and it an orange liquid). Neutrogena is also the NUMBER ONE most commonly recommended brand of face wash by dermatologists. I am getting ready to try Cetaphil because I have heard great things about it, and I will let everyone know how it goes. If you have a serious problem with acne, or just wear a lot of makeup that might not come completely off when you wash your face at night-you might also want to try a toner after cleansing your face. I recommended Biore triple-astringent toner. Good luck!!

Brooke said...

Thanks so much for this! I'm using Proactiv right now and used it in the past and it hasn't worked at all just for the first two weeks. I'll definitely take these tips into consideration! :)

heather said...

I also got by most my life with no skin problems besides the occasional pimple and some mild eczema. I'm 28 now and about 2 summers ago my face developed small bumps on my the bridge of my nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. I don't know where to start, I have been using a buff puff since I was a teen to get the dry skin off my face it builds up fast and flakes. I was going to try proactive because I don't know what to do. its not like the acne you would see in pictures, maybe those are just bad acne cases. I'm trying aveeno clear complexion face wash and lotion it came in a box together, I bought at Walmart. I also have to use regular aveeno lotion. I don't know what to do I cant just use the clear complexation lotion because my face is always getting dry and I need to buff puff and put regular aveeno on . I feel stuck in a cycle I cant get rid of the bumps and I dry out fast. I'm so lost.

Elizabeth Anderson said...

Hi! I have really dry skin most of the time because I've become disabled and am at home most of the time and It's been hard to keep up with my skincare routine. But recently, I've reinvested in some buff-puffs, and have been buffing my face using Pond's Dry Skin Cream. I realize my issue right now is not acne, but this combination of products has really been working for dry skin problems too. (I don't buff my skin twice a day though. And I occasionally use generic cleansing wipes made for sensitive skin.) I'm also going back to using Rosewater toner as an alternative to "washing my face" first thing in the morning, as it's supposed to be a good/healthy and natural skincare product. I do have sensitive skin, but these products seem to serve me well. Thank you for the article, and good luck everyone.

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