Saturday, March 26, 2011

Makeup and Meg

My lovely sister was nice enough to let me try out some makeup on her this morning before we left. It was a little difficult because Megan, or Aunt "MMMMMMEEEEGGGGG!!!" (as Gabriel calls her) is Gabriel's BFF and he was desperately trying to her her attention the whole time I was applying her makeup. And her toddler tuning-out skills aren't quite as fine-tuned as mine are.
I wanted to try a gray eye/fuschia lip combo that was demure enough for daytime, and though the pics that I took in haste aren't that great (most were actually too blurry to even post, oops), it looked really pretty on her. I love gray with brown eyes, it makes them look less black and more amber colored...I'm definitely going to try it on myself sometime!

Here is Megan, sans any makeup:
First, I evened out her skin tone by just spot-using foundation in the places she needed it. I also made sure to use foundation on and under her eyes, to keep the shadow from wearing off.

Next, I applied a the taupe shadow from her lashline up into the crease of her eye. (I used the colors in the far right palette. The taupe is in the middle.

Next, I took the gray in the palette and brushed it into her crease and towards the outer corner of her lid.
Then I lined her eyes with brown and added mascara. Next comes a sheer fuchsia gloss!!

So pretty for Spring!!
Thanks Meg!!!

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