Saturday, March 12, 2011

Basketball with the boys

Eric, Gabriel, and I rode down to a nearby church to play some basketball and enjoy the sunshine. It's so funny the way that Gabriel plays with his "Dada". Eric is one of those rare parents that is amazing enough to set rules and follow through with them every single time, which is key in success with discipline. I TRY to do this, but if I said that sometimes when Gabriel does something he's not supposed to and I'm in a hurry to get us out the door and go somewhere, or busy in the kitchen, I stop everything and put him in time out (like the perfect parent would) it would be a lie. This, coupled with the fact that Gabriel is a mama's boy, makes him tend to be nasty to Eric sometimes. But despite all that, the way they play together is just amazing, and all of that goes out the door. Gabriel get a light in his eye when he's laughing when Eric plays with him that I only see when he's with him. He listens to Eric explain things to him in a way he doesn't listen to anyone else. I haven't had the chance to closely see a father-son relationship before (I have a brother but I can't really remember my brother being this little), and it is such an honor to witness.
Very happy to hold his Dada's basketball on the way in the car

Trying to steal the ball from Da

And today I give you...What NOT to wear...but give me a break, I was just hanging out at home

Everyone have an amazing weekend!

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