Thursday, March 31, 2011

J.Lo Makeup Video Tutorial

 So, if you know me, it's no secret that Jennifer Lopez is my beauty/fashion idol.  Nah, not a big fan of her music and/or movies, but the girl always looks amazing!! I love her style because she likes to wear really classy, elegant pieces in a sexy way. Last season, I watched American Idol for the first time, and totally got sucked in. When they announced that J.Lo was going to be judge for this new season I was stoked! And she hasn't let me down...I am way more excited each week to see what she is wearing rather than watching the actual show. 
So today, I am sharing with you my makeup tutorial on how to get that sun-kissed bronze makeup look that J.Lo so commonly wears. Sure, she mixes it up from time to time, but this is her go-to makeup look.

My finished product:

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop in say first off, J-Lo's got nothing on you, seriously

And thanks for posting so consistently! I LOVE reading it! I tried your eye makeup tutorial today using browns with more of a bronzey/gold tint since I have such fair skin and blue eyes and it was awesome! Thanks for posting and giving advice!