Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring makeup: bright pink blush+matching lips

I have been using bronzer instead of blush for the past seven years. But recently, I have been trying out blushes. One of my favorite shades to use is BRIGHT pink. Don't worry, it doesn't show up as bright on your face as it  does on the palette. I like to pair bright pinks on your cheeks and lips with a shimmery medium purple eye. What keeps these bright colors from looking garish all together is that they add a sheer wash of color instead of looking overpowering. Most bright shadows tend to be pretty sheer unless they specify otherwise. Step out of your comfort zone a little with some Spring makeup!

 Covergirl lipstick in color 208 Rapture

 If you have a round-ish face, try adding blush a little bit above the apples of your cheeks. I do this and it keeps pink blush from making me look too little-girly.

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