Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a gorgeous day in the mountains : ) Pic of the Day

After a workout on my father's amazing treadmill (mine at home is about to bite the dust)...the boys and I went to downtown Waynesville to visit some shops and then down the road to Lake Junaluska to walk a lap around the lake. Eric, Gabriel, Miles (our dog) and I made it all 2.38 miles!! The youngest of the four are currently napping though...
here's my pictures of the day!!


 Yes...we were spitting. Plural. I know it's disgusting and unladylike, but he loves to do it (only allowed to outside) and he asked me, "mommy spit, please?" so nicely that I couldn't say no. But no one else was watching, I promise!!

And...outfit of the day! The sandals I bought yesterday at Target were soooo comfortable! This was my first time wearing them (other than trying them on) and we walked around the whole lake, which was over 2 miles!! I didn't get any blisters and my feet didn't ache...huge success!! And yes, those are diapers and baby wipes in my hand...

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