Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures of the Day and fun things to do with your nails

Yay for our first morning back at home!! My husband and I feel like complete assholes though, because not only did we forget Gabriel's backpack full of toys at my father's house, we also somehow left his second favorite 'baby' that he sleeps with every naptime and nighttime, a two-inch tall stuffed abominable snowman named Bob. I think we both just figured that Gabriel had it in his hand, since he typically doesn't let him out of his sight. It was a rough bedtime last night, explaining to G baby that Bob was at Grandpa's and that we wouldn't be getting him back for a while.
     Gabriel woke up bright and early at 6, and we just got done working out. When I say that, I mean I ran on the treadmill and did squats while Gabriel broke into my scrapbook supplies (which I keep in my exercise room) and put stickers all over my husband's weight bench. Unfortunately, my treadmill faces the wall and the rest of the room is behind me, so I have to rely on sound and quick behind-the-back spot checks to keep an eye on the two-year-old terror.
I am about to get in the shower so we can head to Wal-mart and do our weekly grocery shopping. So, here's some photos that I took last night of the crazy G baby taking a bath, and some new earrings.

 This is his new 'mad face'. He has some sort of reflection on his face in these photos, and it looks like a mustache, hehe

And my latest fruits of my trip to the Asheville bead store!

And here is something I saw in a magazine for your nails.....paint all of them one color except for one on each hand-and paint that one a metallic. I like this using a neon color with silver.......but you can try anything!

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