Sunday, March 27, 2011

MCCA-My Child Curses Anonymous

Hi. My name is Leah, and my child has learned a curse word.
What is this word? Sonofabitch. Sure, we have already had problems with 'shut up', and 'suck it unk' (My sister told him to say that to our brother once when he was teasing Gabriel, and it has stuck ever since). He gets put in time out for saying either of those, but they still come out every now and then.
So, the past couple days we kept hearing something along the lines of 'sonbishhhh' and my little mommy heart sank when the flash of a memory hit me like a ton of bricks. What memory, you ask? The other day at my Dad's when I was stringing together beads on a wire for a necklace I was making, it slipped from my grasp and the beads went everywhere. Thirty minutes of work down the I let out a, 'Son of a bitch!' Gabriel was sitting beside me, and I'm not proud. It was the NEXT day that I heard him say it for the first time...and since he's only two and not the clearest speaker, I let it slide, hoping I heard him wrong. Nope. He's been saying it about three times a day since then, and we were trying to ignore it completely in hopes that if we didn't call attention to it, he would not even realize it was a bad word and forget it existed. Nope again. So we finally had to let him know it was a bad word and warn him there would be punishment if he said it. He's already been in time out twice for it now.
So, there's my confession......I taught my toddler a curse word, and this is my confession.

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Anonymous said...

have you tried to suggest a more "polite" word to say instead of SOB? Is he using it correctly, like when he is mad? I would try teaching him a different word, gently remind him when he continues to use the wrong word. I wouldn't punish him unless he says it purposely after you ask him not to or if he refuses to use the new word you gave him. You have to remember that at his age he is impulsive, lacks self control and short term memory is not fully developed. And he is learning new words all the time and enjoys using new words