Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Add some sparkle to your life

I suck at doing my nails. The summer before last I was dying to have the perfect pale pink manicure. That being said, I never go get my nails professionally done. Not even for my wedding......though I should have! Before that summer was over, I ended up buying four different brands of pale pinks, because it seemed like they were either too gummy...took too long to dry...etc. I have five different bottles of black nail polish...for the same reason. I have tried everything...two coats, four coats, base and top coat, I have spent from 8 pm when Gabriel goes to bed until 11 pm working on them, making SURE they have had ample time to dry. I have even put a coat on a day for three days to again, MAKE SURE the coats will dry in between. And finally...I had to come to the sad conclusion...it's not the bazillion bottles of polish I have tried...it's me. :(
But my inadequacy when it comes to flawless nail polish applying is your gain!! I have figured out a way to mask the crappy job I do while painting.....simply add sparkly polish over top!! With the sparkles, it makes it less obvious if you didn't do a perfect job on your nails, which is clutch for me.
I know what you are thinking...ummm...I graduated from 6th grade A LONG time ago...but, if you do it right, adding sparkle to your nails can be a chic touch to your at-home manicure.
The main difference between little girl sparkle nails and grown-up sparkle nails is all about COLOR. I suggest a muted polish underneath. This is what I used...
This is what my manicure looked like after i used the "greige" (gray-beige)
...not so lovely
And.....add some sparkle!!

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