Monday, March 14, 2011

How to use an eyeshadow trio

Hello everyone! Sorry that I left you all post-less yesterday. I had a horrific headache and just couldn't  bring myself to concentrate and/or type. But today is a new day, and I am feeling much better!!

I am going to give tips on how to use an eyeshadow single, duo, trio, and quad. Today, we will start with a trio, which I use the most in everyday makeup.
Here is my trio:
(Note *I applied my eyeliner as before I started my shadow. You can do it before or after...and just use your eyeliner however you would normally do it*)
Your first step is to apply the lightest shade all over your lid from your brow bone down to the lashline. This gives you a good base and highlights your brow bone.
It should look like this (below)
Your second step is to take the medium shade and apply it in the crease of your lid, using a back-and forth windshield wiper motion.
Applying medium shade
Finished with medium shade (make sure it's well blended. Sometimes I take my finger to smudge the part closest to the bridge of my nose to make it look more natural. You don't want an obvious arch of color)

Your third step is to take the darkest color in your trio and smudge it around your lash line. Wing it out a little on the end, almost making a  sideways 'v' at the corner of your eye
Applying darkest shadow
Finished with third shade

All done! Apply mascara as usual!!!

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