Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stop and smell the wildflowers...

Gabriel and I were playing outside this morning since the sun is finally out, though it's not particularly warm outside yet. While we were visiting my parents last week, our backyard has EXPLODED...the grass and weeds are ridiculously long, and it's only been a few days!!
 It's so crazy how even though it comes every year, Spring makes you start to feel so good when it first starts arriving, and you can't help but feel good being outside. I was suddenly struck by an idea...I'll pick a little bouquet of snapdragons and buttercups and bring them inside...I mean...it's probably been fifteen years since I've picked a wild bouquet...why not?
Look how cute it is!! I suggest that if any of you have little flowers growing in your yard, you go out and pick some and make a little centerpiece for your table...every time I've looked at them in the kitchen it makes me feel good!!

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