Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outfit of the day

This is our outfit of the day...a new feature I'm going to do...I wore this to take Gabriel to story time at the library's a couple 'fashion rules' about why it works:
1. it's COMFY!!! It is hard to tell from the photo, but the leggings are made from cozy french terry...other words, SWEATPANT MATERIAL! They are made by american apparel, and are a must for winter...when you want to wear leggings but it's just too cold...because let's face it...most leggings are thin enough that I worry about them being see-through, let alone warm. You can purchase your own sweatpant leggings here:
2. Black booties...with about a 2 1/2 inch heel...high enough to make you look taller and skinnier, but easy to walk in...or run after your toddler!
3. Stretchy leopard print brother gave this to me as a Christmas present (might have sent him a link for it) from forever21 and I love it. It's the perfect weight...not see through at all but not heavy enough to make you get hot indoors. IS pretty tight, which can make me feel self-concious. So...add the jacket and big necklace, which helps catches the eye instead of the stomach underneath. I also added the jacket because it's DAYTIME...when an all or mostly black ensemble can be a little too severe. The bright color in the jacket helps the outfit look more casual and more appropriate for the time of day. Happy dressing!!

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