Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Outfit of the day!!

Ok, so...sorry about the poor picture quality! As previously mentioned, I am still figuring out things with my camera, I have pretty much used it only to take pics of G baby up to this point, so the timer thing is really throwing me off. BUT...this is my outfit of the day, to go to story time. 
These are my gap skinny jeans, which I cuffed at the bottom for a different kind of look, plus it was wet outside this morning...don't you hate when you walk around outside and the bottoms of your jeans get wet...and then STAY wet all day!!?
Paired with a black t -shirt from forever21 (it was $3.00 seriously) AND i love it because the fabric is not see-through as a lot of tees these days tend to be...
lightweight cardigan, and my new handmade skull scarf!
I went light on the accessories today and just wore pearl studs and a bracelet, since I am wearing a scarf with red sparkles on it (the skull's eyes, if you can't tell in the pic).
The bracelet is actually a barbie brand bracelet that I got at Wal-mart for $1.

Well...I am off to play some more basketball with the boys. Eric just got home from pharmacy school and really needs a break. Poor guy, he works so hard! Later!



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