Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beauty products I will swear by...

I try out a lot of beauty products. Mostly things from Wal-mart that I pick up while grocery shopping. I kinda feel like I have tried it all...I always get sucked into thinking that the right lotion/makeup/hairspray is going to magically make me look fabulous and do exactly what it says on the bottle. Of course, that is not usually the case. I try to do a lot of research before I buy a product...for instance, if I know I am in need of a new foundation, I will get on (an online and real-life makeup store that carries drugstore brands as well as high-end brands.......fabulous) on browse through their foundations and read REVIEWS on them. You can even sort their items by highest rated (rated online by real women who actually buy the products) OR by best sellers (shows you the products that they sell the most). This is an amazing tool which I highly recommend to everyone. I usually do my research on Ulta and then buy in the store, but you can also purchase from Ulta, which sometimes has great sales, gives you free samples with every purchase, and carries so much more than you can find at Wal-mart or a drugstore.
Okay so...where I am going with this: I hardly ever find products that I am wowed by. But it does happen are a couple of my favorites.

 I have really fine hair. I have used TONS of products that are supposed to build volume, from conditioners to root-lifting sprays. I have noticed and actual difference in the way this conditioner makes my hair look and feel. It really does give you body AND makes my hair really silky at the same time, which I really thought was impossible before this. I haven't even tried the shampoo or styling products that go with this stuff...and it still works!!
 I am constantly growing my hair out, and I really like to use leave-in conditioners to help keep my hair healthy. The problem is, it seems like using a leave-in conditioner to protect my hair before I blow-dry it makes my hair so sticky and therefore tangly (making it hard to blow-dry) that it defeats the purpose. I can spray this stuff in (just make sure you don't spray too close to your hair, think 8-10 inches away) and run a brush through it easily. And it does help fight frizz!! Love!
Because I struggle with skin issues, I have been on the search for a great moisturizer that doesn't break my skin out. I have tried everything......Neutrogena, Aveeno (which is crazy expensive), oxy......everything. I keep coming back to this stuff, even though it isn't anything fancy. This stuff is affordable, smells decent, and moisturizes well without making my skin greasy. And it doesn't break me out, even though it isn't made specially for people with acne or anything. My husband even uses this stuff in the Winter (he got his own bottle in his stocking after I kept catching him using mine). My mother-in-law introduced me to this works for everyone!

Keep looking for more products that I love in the future...but that's all I got for now!

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