Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bronze+Turquoise eye makeup and Outfit of the Day

So...we finally headed home today!!! We just got in a few minutes ago, and are in the process of unpacking. Gabriel was happy to be home, even though he said he wanted to stay at Papa's house, and has been playing in his room ever since we stepped in. 
Now, on a completely unrelated subject, I HATE wearing face makeup on a car ride. Even though our ride is only 3 1/2 hours, by the time we get home my makeup feels greasy and heavy. Actually...I hate wearing foundation period, and if I had perfect or even great skin, I wouldn't. But...I usually at least wear some when I leave the house, and end up washing it off as soon as I get home. However, I can't handle it at all in the car. I just can't. When I skip face makeup on occasions such as a long car ride...or anytime I am going to be outside for a long time (especially in the summer)...etc., but want to look good regardless, I have a little trick that I like to use. FOCUS ON YOUR EYES. This also works when you are having a breakout and want to take attention away from it. This is one of my favorite makeup looks that is strong enough to call attention to your eyes and away from the rest of your face without being too strong to wear out during the day.
Bronze+Turquoise eyes
First, apply bronze shadow all over your lids and in the inner corners of your eyes. 
Next, take a darker brown and apply in your crease and towards the outer corner. This adds a bit of contour and makes your eyes looks a little bigger, to keep the turquoise from overpowering the shape of your eye.

(I used the darkest color in this trio for this step)
You then add dark brown eyeliner on the top lashline and halfway across the bottom line, starting at the outer corner.
Now it's time to add your turquoise. You are basically going to apply it everywhere that you just applied the brown eyeliner, using an angle brush or just a small eyeshadow brush. For more drama, wing it out at the outer edge of your eye.

Then just add masacara!!

And now my outfit of the day...something comfy again to ride home in. I am just wearing black jeggings (from wal-mart) and a t-shirt, also from wal-mart. This is another t-shirt that I picked up in the men's section!! And it actually fits me very well, without being too baggy or boxy. (I did get a size small though)
Add a scarf and some cool jewelry, and you can make a comfy t-shirt look fashionable!

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