Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Makeup Trend: Purple

I have seen purple makeup everywhere this spring!! In my April issue of Instyle magazine, they had a feature on the singer Adele, and had tried different purple makeup ideas on her for the shoot...I got hooked in! Here is my purple makeup look, complete with the best manicure I have ever given myself!!

 I LOVE this nail polish...and I never love any polish I buy. Revlon Top Speed...I only did two coats and my nails look better than they ever have. It covered well but wasn't too thick, and it DID dry fast!!

 This is the lipstick I'm wearing...Revlon Super Lustrous in Berry Mauve...kind of a light purple/berry color

 I used the shade on the left all over my lid and up to my brow to highlight and act as a base. Then I used the purple all over my lid and in the crease. This is the first time for me using a cream eyeshadow, and I find it to have pros and cons. I like that you use your finger, because I feel like it gives you more control. I dabbed it on rather than smeared. The downside is that these colors looked BRIGHT in the case, but went on really sheer. Which would be fine...except I really wanted a strong purple eye. So I ended up using a lot, and using purple eyeliner too.
 The lipstick went on smooth and creamy-and stayed that way.
 This isn't my sexy pose or anything-just wanted you to see nails and face together!
My purple lids, lips, and nails!!!

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