Monday, March 14, 2011

The tale of two mascaras

How many of you have tried looking for that perfect mascara! Me too!! But I gave up. To get a wide-eyed mascara look, I use TWO mascaras. One for lengthening, (use first) and one for volume. If I use either one by's just not the same. I recently feel validated for doing this when I found a page in my last issue of Glamour that suggested doing the same thing. I was like......"what! this is a legit tip??"
So, to prove are my lashes after using a lengthening mascara, Lash Stilletto.
They're long...but just not, "WOW"
After using second mascara...
These are my favorite two right now:
*Special thanks to my bffs Lauren and AJ for letting me know they use 2 mascaras too!!

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