Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wake up and write

Good morning, the title of this isn't exactly true, I didn't wake up and write this stuff, it's been saved on my computer for a while...but I DID wake up and edit it so that I could post it. Gabriel woke up this morning at 5:10...even the dog was like WTF!!! So...we've been up for a while.
Now, before I post this, I just want to say that I am not depressed and angry all the time...but I tend to write only when I'm upset, so a lot of my poetry tends to lean that way, oops. Oh, and also, I tend not to title my stuff, because pretty much no matter what I come up with, it sounds kinda lame.

Work 1

Moddled and muddled, the colors of complacency
A nagging sense of misdirection
But I’ll keep trudging down this path through the darkness
I won’t chase clarity, I can’t chase clarity
I’ll accept anything, I’ll get through everything
Fog up the windows and have your way with me
Hold a gun up to my head-I wouldn’t swear it’s not your fault
But I definitely, definitely blame me.

Work 2

Let’s pretend it’s the last night we’ll ever have together
It’s safe to tell me your secrets, your thoughts
Rapping and pounding against my core
Defenses that have built up over time are actually made of ice
So they can melt, they can melt for this final touch
Kiss me any place that you want, as many times as you can
And I will do the same
Of course, it’s never enough, a gnawing never comforted,
A hunger never satisfied, a thirst that can never be satiated.
What is it that you want to tell me?
Here’s your last chance so engulf me in any truth you want
As we stand looking upon the landscape we sowed and weeded all on our own
We will always be mourning but
I won’t let grief be my middle name
My middle name is fight, my middle name is try, my middle name is

Work 3

I wanted to be a goddess
Artemis and Aphrodite, strong and exquisite
Formidable when we argue and potent when we make love
I had a dream I’d be a doctor
Laces and silks beneath my white coat
Come to me for all the remedies, look to me for all the answers
You’d value me for the mind I’ll never have
Like a drug I would course through your veins and mold to the vessels in your blood
And you could never, ever live without me
I wanted to be the lucid dream you close your eyes against at night
A champion at knowing what you need and generous enough to give
I didn’t just dream that I’d become honest and discerning, a woman that a man like you could want
I actually thought I did it but
Here I am
A half, or to give me a little more credit, three-quarters
Sometimes I feel like this is the most that I will ever have inside of me
I try to salve your wounds but my clumsy fingers slip deeper inside your cuts
But you should know that I would never ever quit, the love I have for you has tunnel vision
Dark spots on either side, one light at the center
I had a dream that if I knew what I wanted I’d be strong enough to get it but
I’ve been selfish again, I’ve been stupid again
I try to use my mind to solve the equations it used to sort through with ease
But inside my head I just hear soft music, and a whisper of a breeze

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