Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our weekend was a bittersweet weekend for us here...crappy weather and even worse, my baby monk has been SICK!!! It's only the 4th time he's been sick in his life...just a little runny nose/cough/fever, but still my husband and I are getting sick too, which sucks......but on the bright side, we had a visit from grandpa this weekend!!
 Grandpa brought some play-doh!!

It's amazing how Gabriel's best friends are his grandparents...he loves each and every one of them (he has five, my husband has a stepfather) but his relationship with each one is unique and different. He values his time with them so much he usually kicks me out of the room when one visits so he can have alone time with them.

So, this weekend we played with grandpa...drank lots of orange juice and Gatorade to nurse ourselves back to health, and I have been making more jewelry...hopefully getting a little better at it!!

 I made these peace sign ones for my friend Lauren...
 And I made a scarf with some clearance fabric I found at walmart...even put some fringe on it (you can see a little bit on the left in the pic)

And our picture of the day...the sunset off of our porch illuminating the woods but leaving the pasture in shadow, it rained all day long but the sun finally came out right before it set, so pretty!!


Megan said...

I like those peace sign earrings!! What about Aunt Meg?! Am I not his BEST friend?

Anonymous said...

I like the peace sign ones too!